Islamist Immigrants in Germany Love Hitler

Conservative Europeans have frequently complained that the wave of immigration from the Middle East seems to have gone hand in hand with a new surge of anti-Semitism. Progressive Europeans don’t have the courage to publicly say that those immigrants admit they hate Jews.

German newspaper Bild investigated this matter. The results of the investigation show that although many immigrants have positive thoughts about Germany and its people, they’re also extremely anti-Semitic.

“Until now, this discussion about anti-Semitism among immigrants was based on assumptions,” Deidre Berger, director of the ACJ, comments. “Now we have a science-based picture: anti-Semitic resentments, anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and a categorical rejection of Israel are widely held among immigrants from the Middle East.”

Gee! The same patterns are being reported in Canada, Sweden, France and now Germany. I sense a picture emerging…. but it’s just not quite clear.

  • Which is what the Nazi Germans and the Nazi Merkel have been hoping for all along! No surprise there.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Allahu Akbar Uber Alles

  • Ed

    These idiots should pray that Germans don’t reprise their love for Hitler

    • Watchman

      Why? The Fourth Reich is already almost complete, and goes by the official name of ‘The European Union’. Once it has its own EU armed forces, able to quell insurrection by formerly independent nations, almost all that Hitler wanted will be done. The new ‘Europeans’, with their religious hatred of Jews, will cause the remaining Jews to flee or be killed, and the Fourth Reich can absolve itself of responsibility for being the official planners of the new ‘Final Solution’.

      It seems that only the former Soviet satellite states still resist becoming part of the pan-European dream of Adolf Hitler.

    • Alain

      Further to Watchman’s comment, Hitler loved Islam and Muslims were his loyal allies.