HASSAN: Liberal unwillingness to condemn FGM is a sad political move

Vote whore and 5th columnist.

Female genital mutilation is a brutal custom rooted in patriarchy.

Yet some in the Liberal government have shied away from calling it what it is, and missed a great opportunity not simply to condemn the practice but also to educate potential Canadians about the frightful effects it has on girls and women.

As Canada’s citizenship guide is being reviewed, citizenship minister Ahmed Hussen has done nothing but equivocate on whether he will include a statement condemning the practice as barbaric.

  • greenface

    There’s votes in them thar FGM’s

  • greenface

    “Like the burka and niqab, it is not rooted in the Quranic text but based more on a rather flimsy reference to the practice in sharia law’s secondary source, the hadith — or dicta of the prophet Mohammad.

    There is every reason for the fundamentalists not only to shun the practice but in fact to deem it un-Islamic.”

    This is just bs. To imply that it is only the Koran that legitimises Islamic practice is a lie.

  • Gary

    Maybe 99% of the women will wake up and see how insane the Liberals to make a pro-sharia devout Somali muslim the Immigration Minister .
    Trudeau also said he would lower the standard and allow the mentally ill to come because out current system violates their Charter Rights .
    Maybe Ahmed Hussen wants to bring in his brother Muhammad and his other brother Muhammad plus the 5 Sisters that never saw a paved road or Shower.

    • Dave

      “Maybe 99% of the women will wake up”. Hahahahahaha! Sorry, couldn’t help it. Conservative women already get it, the others…not so much. Probabaly never will.

    • deplorabledave

      “Trudeau also said he would lower the standard and allow the mentally ill to come because out current system violates their Charter Rights.”

      What? What effing charter rights do non citizens of this benighted country have?

      • Gary

        You missed the Court ruling where pregnant women outside Canada wanted to come here on a Visitors VISA that was 6 months
        where they could give birth in Canada to get the free education and health care for the baby.
        The Government had a policy that forced female visitors wanting a
        6 month VISA to submit a Medical exam to prove they weren’t pregnant . The pro-refugee groups and Immigrants groups took that to the SCOC as a Charter Right issue that pregnant women were denied entry for a 6 month VISA .
        The SCOC agreed and stopped the Government from forcing a women outside to reveal if they are pregnant to get a 6 month VISA .

        In 1984 the Canada vs Singh ruling gave Welfare and health care to Tourists because they were a Minority group according to the Charter and had the Right to equal access for all Social Services .
        Since then , we spend about $500,000,000.00 a year in welfare and health care for Tourists , which the Politicians don’t want to talk about because Immigrants vote and they can bring a relative to Canada for free Health care .
        Toronto pays about about $300,000,000.00 a year for the welfare bills and social services which was changed to hide the costs in the Property taxes which Toronto agreed to do so Liberals could claim they didn’t raise the Income tax rate .

  • Liberal Progressive

    That Islamophobe Farzana Hassan will be silenced once M-103 results in a Liberal anti-Islamophobia law to stop such blasphemy.

  • Clink9

    Fembots don’t care about brown wimmin.

  • Paul X

    This, if nothing else, should wake people up to the fact that those in government DO NOT CARE about us. They do not protect us, except in the same sense as a Mafia protection racket.

    Want to stop FGM? Instant deportation of any family where this practice is discovered would do it. Chances that government will adopt this policy? Zero. Why would they adopt it? Their current immigration policies are spreading it around the planet; they have no incentive to stop FGM.

  • This is not a surprise. The Right Honourable Wiener balked at the term from the beginning and people voted for that. Liberal supporters are fine with FGM.

  • Oh look, Justin has a “nigger” standing beside him! Which proves that Justin cannot possibly be prejudiced against black people, no?

    No, it proves that Justin IS in fact prejudiced against black people, and other minorities. Otherwise he wouldn’t feel the need to artificially surround himself with visible minorities in order to pretend that he isn’t. Other Canadians don’t feel the need to do this — our interactions with people of other races is normal, not staged. I only have one question for PM Justin Trudeau: Why do you hate “niggers” Mr. Trudeau, why are you a Nazi?

  • Editor

    The Honorable Minister has already testily NOT answered the question 10 times. He’s “consulting” ! And I’m sure he’s consulting a diverse cross section of Canadian citizens and not just the NCCM.


  • Ed

    The federal liberal party is like a high school debate club that’s been sent on a school bus to sit in Parliament.