German teenager says she was ‘idiot’ for joining ISIS in first interview since capture

Mom and sis look less than thrilled mit Linda.

A German teenage girl has said she was an “idiot” for joining Islamic State and the decision has wrecked her future, in her first interview since her arrest by Iraqi forces in Mosul.

Linda Wenzel, 17, claimed her escape was a “stupid idea” but showed little remorse in the first meeting with her family since she left her hometown of Pulsnitz, near Dresden, for Syria in July last year.

Miss Wenzel was reunited with her mother Katharina and sister Miriam, who were allowed to visit her at the Palace of Justice in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad.

  • ntt1

    as next of kin they can ,at least claim the body after execution.

    • Dana Garcia

      They can promise to send money for shipping costs.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Ok so don’t hang her. Life in an Iraqi prison seems fair.

  • ontario john

    Well, at least she isn’t from Canada or we would be paying out another 10 million dollars.

  • k1962

    Maybe they’re less than thrilled mit her because the idiot is still a hijabi. Speaking of which, I just saw a group of hijabis at a local college walking with some other girls. They were about 18 or 19 and one of them was decked out in a niqab. You know the person wearing one of those is either a radical or comes from a radical family. I don’t care what faux feminists think, there is nothing progressive or egalitarian about putting one of those on to go out in public, period.

    • Watchman

      To be fair, the niqab-wearer probably is a jihadist, but there is a small chance she fears death from her own family if she does not wear one. If she is just biding her time to escape and change her religion, then she has my support; if not I have no sympathy.

      • k1962

        I don’t know. She was walking with two girls who had on hijabs but did not have their faces covered as well as with non muslim girls. Maybe she fears her family. G-d forbid they see her walking around without a black piece of cloth covering most of her face, the slut. That look really bothers me, especially what it means. Those who wear it do not share my values or most Canadians’ values.

  • Malcolm Y

    Shoot her.

  • Blacksmith

    Still has the bag on her head, send her back!

    • Exile1981

      It proves she isn’t sorry about joining uslam.

  • BillyHW

    Pretty please can I be the one to flip the switch on her?

  • LairdKintyre

    Millenial. Idiot. Tomatoe. Tomato. I never met a Millenial that wasnt at least a little stupid.

  • G2

    Well Linda, it seems that Iraq is not quite done with you. Not sorry.

  • I don’t understand. Why isn’t she a doorstop now?

  • Watchman

    Young people make mistakes. However some mistakes are not fixable. Almost certainly she saw ISIS beheading videos before leaving Germany, so I don’t think she was naively uninformed before joining them. If she did have any empathy and sympathy with the German people she would refuse to be allowed back into German until she could prove her loyalty and that of any descendants to a secular Germany.

  • Gary

    Standard MO for islamsits. Brainwash an ignorant convert to islam and then coach them to go back home and act like you regret it and reject terrorism to earn their trust so you can do the Grand Jihad later on as a suicide-bomber.

    Omar Khadr is a time-bomb that played the CBC and Liberals as suckers while his $10.5 million from Justin will build lots of Jihad camps in BC and Ontario .

  • Barrington Minge

    Well she ain’t wrong about that!!