“Far right” to gather in Prague as “fears” grow of rising Czech “populism”

European far-right leaders including Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders will gather in Prague this weekend for a controversial conference likely to be met with protests from groups fearful that xenophobic populism is on the rise in the Czech Republic.

The meeting of the rightwing Europe of Nations and Freedom group in the European parliament is being hosted by the anti-Islam Freedom and Direct Democracy party (SPD), which emerged as a force in Czech politics after winning nearly 11% of the vote in a parliamentary election in October.

Opponents of the meeting have vowed to demonstrate outside the conference venue, Top Hotel in Chodov, seven miles from central Prague, in a show of defiance they say aims to prevent intolerance from taking root in a city defined by the peaceful 1989 Velvet Revolution that spelled the end for communism in what was then Czechoslovakia.

  • Cat-astrophe

    If caring about your country more than the plight of refugees from countries that REFUSE to stop their own reproduction problems is a crime, then I guess I too am a criminal.
    I wish these people were meeting in MY country with our opposition leaders.

    • We do not have an opposition, we have a political class.

      • Cat-astrophe


    • Ho Hum

      They would be decried by our useless “conservative” “opposition” leader Andrew Scheer

  • barryjr

    Talk about intolerance, the left lives by it. Every time somebody says something they don’t like the socialist bigots can’t help themselves in trying to silence them.

  • Watchman

    Brussels EU dictionary:
    populist adjective
     1. Holding ideas not allocated nor supported by their betters in the elitesruling class

  • John

    Are those vowing to demonstrate in Prague…in ‘Czechoslovakia’…irony tone-deaf or just fucking retarded? If multiculturalism was the cat’s meow, then that oh-so multicultural Austro-Hungarian Empire would still be going gangbusters.

    It isn’t, I heard.

    I mean, even the Czechs AND Slovaks agreed to part peacefully. They once both lived under the same roof, but opted, by mutual agreement, for twinned townhouses instead.

    Such is their intolerance!