Cow-nterintelligence: Farmer faces ‘spy’ charges for putting GPS on his cow

Buying something on popular Chinese trading platform AliExpress has apparently become a dangerous business in Russia. A local farmer could be facing a hefty fine or time in jail for ordering a GPS tracker to ‘spy’ on… his cow.

Yevgeny Vasiliev from the village of Lopatki in Russia’s Kurgan Region owns a farm, from which he makes a living to support his family. The 39-year-old farmer, who suffers from asthma, wanted to make it easier to find his wandering cow around the village. For this purpose, he decided to buy a GPS tracker on China’s AliExpress at the beginning of 2017, as the same device was much more expensive in Russia.

However, the order turned into a nightmare for the farmer and his family.