Continental Breakfast

Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Popper Bread

Colleges Offer ‘Therapy Llamas’ to Coddle Special Snowflake Students

The effort to coddle students with cute animals follows other childish trends involving coloring books, ball pits, and rice krispies treats.

UC Berkeley, the University of South Florida, and Radford University are among several colleges to bring the pack animals onto campus to help students deal with the stress of completing their finals.

Unions unveil ‘universal declaration of player rights’

Leaders from the NFL, NBA, NHL and Major League Baseball players associations helped unveil a universal declaration of player rights that is designed to establish a new approach to governing sports and protecting athletes.

Among the 17 articles laid out in the declaration are rights to unionize and collectively bargain, express opinions freely and receive equal pay for equal work. The declaration was made Thursday by the World Players Association, which is affiliated with 100 organizations that represent 85,000 professional athletes.

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

Russian website streaming hundreds of cameras in Canada, experts warn your connected devices could be at risk

The Toronto-area dental office didn’t know it but the security camera in its waiting room was being streamed live on the Internet.

Anyone could log on to the website and watch as patients came and went. Front-desk staff answering phones and working on their computers entering patient information.

It could be a serious breach of patient privacy. But it’s more than that – unsecured cameras also leave the entire network open for virtual intruders.

Best STEM Toys For Kids To Help Them Grow Up To Become Geniuses

These days, sitting in front of an electronic toy is a much more valuable experience than it used to be, thanks to the robots, motors, and homemade computers that parents can now put under the tree.

The ever-growing roster of STEM-focused toys, for even the youngest kids, introduce scientific concepts and tools like coding, electronics, math, and chemistry in an accessible and fun way.

Canada’s electronic spy agency and military get new orders to prevent sharing information gained by torture

The Liberal government has issued a new directive to restrict Canada’s electronic spy agency, the military and foreign ministry from using — or passing along — information that may have been derived from torture.

The only exception would be when the information is “absolutely necessary to prevent loss of life or significant personal injury” and that the person involved is “someone is about to commit a terrorist act.”

Canada allows torture? Cool.

  • ontario john

    Strange how the media has dropped the sex scandal in the prime minister’s office so fast. The Toronto Star has nothing today, just the standard ISLAMOPHOBIA IS RUNNING RAMPANT IN CANADA stories, Liberals are wonderful, and Trump is evil articles. The Toronto Sun does have a story on it, but they are colonial Nazis anyway. I guess this is the last were going to hear of this.

  • ontario john

    Downtown Toronto is excited this morning that Canada’s favourite prime minister will be on City’s Breakfast Television. He will treat viewers on how wonderful he is, and maybe he will show his latest funny socks. I’m sure he will wish everyone a Merry Winter Solstice Holiday. Don’t worry, his worshiping media will not mention that silly sex scandal in his office.

  • Blacksmith

    Is that a unicorn turd on top of the cake or a sex toy?

    • Tooth&Claw

      I’m guessing it’s someone’s fantasy of a sex toy.

  • ontario john

    West Hill United Church website invites you to join them to celebrate the Winter Solstice! Yes you can help them worship nature this Winter Solstice Holiday. None of that silly Jesus stuff. Because in Canada’s mainline liberal churches, believing in Jesus and God is optional.

    • The Deplorable Rosenmops

      Soon the most United Church congregations will die of old age. The churches will probably get converted to mosques. No more gay weddings and females preaching in those buildings after happens. The women will have to come in the back door and sit behind the men.

  • Killer Marmot

    Among the 17 articles laid out in the declaration are rights to unionize and collectively bargain, express opinions freely and receive equal pay for equal work.

    No one has the write to “express opinions freely” when on the job. Off the job, sure, so long as it does not reflect poorly on the club.

    And what does “equal pay for equal work” mean for a contracted athlete?

    • Exile1981

      it means the crapiest athlete should get the same insane sums as the best ones.

      • Frances

        So the top athletes will have a cap on their salaries equal to that of the worst ones?

        • Exile1981

          I doubt it

    • The Deplorable Rosenmops

      If I expressed any of my political opinions at work I would be fired so fast my head would be spinning. (However if I was a leftist it would be fine).

  • Hard Little Machine

    Pay all athletes the same flat rate. Figure about $100/hr