BONOKOSKI: Hush surrounds alleged ‘inappropriate behaviour’ of PMO staffer

While the Trudeau Liberals like to tout a zero tolerance for inappropriate behavior or sexual harassment — as in turfing offenders out of caucus — the prime minister appears more than willing to keep alleged indiscretions within his own inner circle on the down-low.

As in hush-hush.

  • ontario john

    This must be a new record for the media to drop a story that might be upsetting to little Super Socks. And yet the Canadian media drones on every day about Trump’s accusers.

  • bob e

    The quote ‘Did you vote for this idiot?’ is perfect ..

  • robins111

    Everyone assumes he was messing with women staffers. I’ll bet he was hitting on the males and Justy is having a breakdown trying to weasel out of this and march in the pride gaggle

    • Watchman

      Well, that old saying about some politicians being untouchable “unless they are found in bed with a live underage boy or a dead girl” may not be true any more, and a part of me is suspicious that the SJWs have been working on indoctrinating the population to make neither case a sackable offence.

  • Remember – this is the party of FGM, abortion, elbowing chicks in the chest, ignoring Yazidi rape victims and sham marriages.