Austria’s new chancellor says he will follow eastern European countries’ example & reject EU migrant quotas

Austria’s incoming chancellor has said he will reject the European Union’s compulsory migrant quota when he takes charge of the country next week.

Sebastian Kurz, 31, has joined leaders from Eastern and Central Europe in pushing back against the scheme, which was designed to help Italy and Greece deal with hundreds of thousands of new arrivals.

EU president Donald Tusk has also spoken out against the quotas, but Germany – the bloc’s most influential country – has backed it.

  • dapto

    Merkel wanted them so Germany can keep all of them, i’d even suggest all other countries in the zone organize buses to move all migrants to Germany to, i bet that bat shit crazy bitch Merkel would but up a border instantly if they did that.

    • deplorabledave

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  • Ed

    Fuck this shit. Accept as many refugees as Saudi Arabia does.

  • Dave

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    Go figure.

    • Alain

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      • Sharkibark

        If I were only 30 years younger… 😀

  • Bless his heart

    I hope that as much of Central and Eastern Europe as can agree on ow to do it joins in a Central European Defense group to handle the coming invasion and also deal with problems with Russia and Western Europe.

    Austria does not want this invasion as the few Austrians I have spoken with also say. Online Austrians do not want the invasion. These invasions have been occurring for about 1400 years.