The Left Uses “Racism” To Control Black Voters

  • Liberal Progressive

    What a racist!

    If she really wanted to end the Jim Crow ways of the US she needs to support a real black candidate for president like Bernie Sanders!

  • mauser 98
  • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)

    This chick is a fraud, she was exposed a year ago.

    She created a Doxxing site using donations from people she suckered into giving her money and even said that Doxxing children was fine in an interview.

    She’s continually lied about it despite all the evidence against her
    and even staged a speaking forum with nobody there.

    • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)
      • I dunno, these vids are way too “anal” for me. So maybe the lady is a libertarian — or must everybody be your or my version of a “conservative”?

        • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)

          Nope, she’s a SJW warrior who created a website to dox people
          for “Hate speech” and then lied about it.

          The website she created (Social Autopsy) had the personal information of over 20,000 people including children.

          Names,photo, phone numbers, addresses, where they work/go to school.. it was a searchable database.

          She’s just another in a long line of opportunists jumping on the Trump/Conservative bandwagon to pull in donations.

          Baked Alaska – Lied about being blinded by acid to garner donations

          Laura Loomer – Lied about having her tires slashed by “Antifa types”

          Laura spent the money she got from the bogus fundraiser she and Ezra started via a website (Free Laura) registered several hours before she was arrested for trespassing on a nose job and work on her lips. Cops refused to arrest her so she forced them to do so,
          2 sites raised over $20,000 for a charge that was a fine of $50-$1000. She rufuses to say what happened in court to this day.

          Joy Villa – Has a LONG history of using stunts to garner attention and got it with her “Make America great again” dress
          and has used that attention to sell copies of her album and promoting the designer who made it. Every interview she does
          is nothing but conservative talking points and always leads to her talking about latest project.

          Jack Posobiec – Fired from Rebel media for falsifying stories
          which he has a LONG history of doing along with staging false flags
          at protests.

          Mike Cernovich – Long history of making up false stories, staging false flag events at protests and stealing stories from journalists
          taking credit for them. Using his resources as a millionaire (Money he got from a divorce) to sue/shut down people who question him.

  • Art Deco

    They can ‘control’ black voters only because black voters are willing and able to be manipulated. There may come a time a generation or two hence when blacks have requisite self-confidence and self-understanding such that you cannot interest them or motivate them by telling them whitey be done screwing them over.