Sex ed to be compulsory in Quebec as of September: Couillard

The September courses will be for about one million students from Grade 1 through Grade 11.

  • Our Supreme Court is absentee on anything concerning our Fundamental Rights and Freedoms, if those things apply to Christians, conservatives, or libertarians of various stripes. Or anybody Centrist for that matter — you’re not allowed to be Centrist anymore either — you must be militant Left neo-Marxist progressive by law.

  • It’s also a way of getting rid of anybody who isn’t progressive from the teaching profession — many teachers will not be able to conform to this and will be fired or quit. Likewise a way of eliminating the children of people of conscience from participation in the Education system, because many parents will not allow their children to be sexualized much less be ideologically indoctrinated as minors.

    I took a Genocide course once. If somebody can explain to me how this is different in principle from the early actions that the Nazis took against the Jews to marginalize them from participation in German society, I would be interested in hearing those arguments. Because I don’t see much difference. The purpose was to first impoverish Jews, by destroying their employment, and businesses, and marginalizing them in general. How is what we are witnessing today any different?

    (And no I’m not referring to the “final solution” — the Holocaust — this is not a “Godwin” argument. It’s an observation about a specific process being used by modern-day fascist Socialists that follows a pattern that Socialists everywhere have used).

  • Coupal

    I am a primary teacher in Quebec. I can absolutely say that small children are NOT INTERESTED in sex. This introduction is a way of indoctrinating them into some sort of progressive agenda. Parents should absolutely resist this.

    • Although you don’t have to be a primary teacher to notice that children are not interested in sex. You only have to be a parent. Actually you don’t even have to be a parent — you only have to be someone who was once a child. The people promoting this are sexual deviants.

  • DVult

    Sex will be inserted into regular subjects such as French or math according to the report. How exactly will they do this?

    • xavier

      Kids will learn sexual vocabulary while conjugating verbs. The older atidents will do statastical caculations of how many times people in Chicotoumi have sex, etc

  • Observer

    If you want to make grooming easy, you have to start early and having an authority sanctioning it puts the full force of the government into the grooming very young children.

    • JoKeR

      What you are saying is offensive according to Ben Levin!

    • occupant 9

      They want our children well-groomed but not in the way it used to mean. Those proposing these changes are deviant and disturbed and in another era would have been locked up for trolling the schoolyard for sex with minors.

      “Canada” is so progressive its about to rape it own children.

  • Tooth&Claw

    If your kids must be in the system, you must counter their corrosive influence and teach your kids about sex and sexuality yourself.

  • Because math and spelling are not skills children will use later on in life.

    This is grooming.

  • Felix_Culpa

    Parents en-masse *should* protest this at the Provincial, school board, and local school level: “don’t teach my kids this garbage.” Sadly, not likely to actually happen. There are too many slackers and nut jobs amongst the parents that I doubt there are as many as 500 people who will raise a stink about it….