Senior PMO staffer being investigated for allegations of ‘inappropriate behaviour’

OTTAWA—A senior member of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s office is being investigated for multiple allegations of “inappropriate behaviour.”

Claude-Éric Gagné, deputy director of operations for the Prime Minister’s Office, confirmed Wednesday evening that he is the subject of the investigation — although the specific allegations remain unclear. Quebec broadcaster TVA reported Wednesday evening that multiple women have accused Gagné of “inappropriate behaviour.”

The media can’t keep a lid on #MeTooJustin forever… try as they might

  • ontario john

    Strange how the PMO and the media kept it quiet until the day after parliament adjourned for the Christmas holidays. Considering that it happened in November. If it was the Hitler Harper’s PMO, it would be major news for months. It seems feminist Trudeau exempts his lackies from his feminist ideals. We have his disability minister make offensive remarks to a number of women, and he actually defends him in Question Period, and now we have this. Its a good thing the media and everyone in Canada loves little Justin.

    • David Murrell

      Agreed. But I have to disagree with Cat’s above remark that the big media can’t keep the lid on this scandal. The have kept a lid on it, and they will moving forward. The big media are sycophants for King Justin.

  • Linda1000
    • JoKeR

      He’s just another Liberal skunk to me.

    • My God! He’s all over that feminine female skonk!

      • Reader

        If I remember correctly, the plot are that he thinks she’s a skunk but she’s a cat who walked under a ladder or something similar, wet with white paint, to give her a white paint stripe up the back.

  • P_F

    Why do all Libtards look like demented, barbarous mohammedans?
    Any correlation?

  • This is the same party that removed FGM as a barbaric practice from the guide for immigrants to Canada.

    It’s also the same party that pushes for unrestricted abortion and aids China, the same country that kills its female infants and abuses North Korean women.

    But I’m sure that’s all a coincidence.

  • andycanuck

    And, oddly enough, released just as the House adjourned (two days early) for winter.
    Addendum: darn you, ontario john!

  • Gary

    When Trudeau started his ” I’m a feminist ” tour , I knew it would be just a matter of time before the sexual assault allegations would be exposed around him because of his action that attract men that treat women the same way as he does verbally.
    The Liberals protected John Turner when he grabbed some butt and got caught…. don’t think for a moment that the female MP’s under Justin as really feminists that oppose men that are pigs.
    They will jump in to defend him as they do for Imams that are pedophiles and beat their wife.