ISIS May Have Created Radical Christian Terror Group To Stoke Violence

A radical Christian terror group calling itself the Sons of Jesus has claimed responsibility for the Egyptian mosque bombing in late November, but the claim has inspired skepticism among terror analysts, who believe the attribution — and the group itself — may be a rare example of an ISIS false flag.

In what has become known as Egypt’s most destructive terror attack in recent history, 25 to 30 militants detonated a bomb inside the Al Rawda Sufi mosque in the small town of Bir al-Abed on Nov. 24 and began firing at worshipers fleeing the scene. The attack left 311 worshipers dead and 128 more injured.

  • ontario john

    I’m sure Justin will believe that shit.

  • Oh, sure, okay.

    Who funded them? The Romulan Star Empire?

  • andycanuck

    Yeah, so they bombed a peaceful Sufi mosque instead of a radical one. That really makes sense. BTW, the IRA just bombed the Chinese embassy in Ecuador too.

  • Lightstream

    No true Christian would ever do that. Even calling themselves the ‘sons of Jesus’ would be blasphemy to a Christian. Therefore, they are not Christian at all.