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Propaganda Works: Majority of Americans Now Believe the GOP Bill Will Raise Their Taxes. They’re Wrong.

A new national survey conducted by Marist College’s polling operation shows that a 52 percent majority of US voters believe the Republican tax reform proposal will negatively impact their personal financial situation. Less than one-in-three respondents think they’ll benefit. This overwhelmingly inaccurate perception represents the fruit of Democrats’ media-aided labor over recent weeks, as they’ve flooded the national debate with factually false assertions and ludicrous hysteria.

Climate Change Needs to Get Worse (So It Can Get Better)

Polar bears starving. California in flames. It’s just not extreme enough yet to persuade today’s deniers to act—and therein lies reason for hope.

The videos have been devastating: infernal fires threatening Los Angeles like in a Hollywood disaster movie, a starving polar bear collapsing of hunger, “once in a century” hurricanes devastating island after island. Will this finally be enough to persuade Americans to act against climate change?

Canadians donate $12.5M towards Rohingya refugee crisis, government to match funds: Bibeau

International Development Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau says Canadians have donated a total of $12.5 million towards easing the refugee crisis in Burma, a sum the federal government intends to match.

Bibeau says the federal money will go to humanitarian agencies helping refugees in camps and settlements in Bangladesh and those displaced within Burma.

Accused N.Y. bomber’s family says attack ‘our worst nightmare’

Haider, a jewelry showroom accountant in Dhaka, said his family was stunned by the news that Ullah had been charged by the United States with terrorism offenses after he tried to detonate a bomb strapped to his waist in a pedestrian tunnel leading to Times Square, injuring himself and three others.

“There was never any indication he would do this. I think it’s a conspiracy. A person who keeps roza (religious fasting in Islam), reads the Koran and goes to mosque five times a day can’t do such a heinous act,” Haider said.

MPs tell Trudeau Liberals to scrap ‘discriminatory’ immigration law

“The reality is we began to see this as a human rights issue,” Oliphant said. “We were never satisfied with a lot of the data we got [from Immigration Canada]. It was data that felt old and was extrapolated from other issues.”

“It doesn’t look at the net benefit of immigrants coming to Canada. It doesn’t look at the value that an immigrant could add to this country. Stephen Hawking would be excluded from coming to Canada.”