CBC orders last-minute cancellation of BBC documentary that activists say is ‘transphobic’

Our Prime Minister gets turned on by Drag Queens so it’s no wonder the CBC canceled the Tranny show.

Only hours before it was set to air, the CBC cancelled the planned broadcast of a BBC documentary after transgender activists accused the film of being “transphobic” and “harmful.”

Transgender Kids: Who Knows Best? has faced condemnation for including in its coverage the argument that some children diagnosed as transgender may simply be suffering from treatable mental-health issues.

Transgender Kids: Who Knows Best? h/t TB

  • tom_billesley

    Not channeling kids directly to “corrective” surgery is transgender genocide.

    P.S. the one on the right is definitely a “culard”.

    • Is that short for Batshit Crazy?

      • tom_billesley

        More like crazy-big ass

  • tom_billesley

    “Transgender Kids: Who Knows Best?” prominently features Kenneth Zucker, a Canadian psychologist whose “controversial” approach with transgender children led to his being sacked in 2015 from a Toronto gender identity clinic.
    Zucker’s comment in the documentary, where he says, “a four-year-old might say that he’s a dog – do you go out and buy dog food?” was a particular concern for the Mermaids Foundation, which represents transgender issues.

  • ontario john

    Because as we are constantly being told, perversion is normal here in Sunny Ways Canada.

  • moraywatson

    To generation Snowflake, the truth about anything is ‘phobic’.

  • ontario john

    My advice is to get your kids into a private Christian school or home school. Because it isn’t going to get better.

  • simus1

    Commie Bullshit Collective pissing down onto Bolsheviki Bullshit Commune ?

  • Lightstream

    Canada…where the minority rules the majority. How sick.