2015 al-Qaeda Article Showed How to Build NY Christmas Bulb Bomb

The summer 2015 issue of Inspire featured, in a step-by-step tutorial from “The AQ Chef,” a homemade IED recipe consisting of a pipe packed with shrapnel, a 9v battery, wires, and a Christmas light in the circuit to put a three-second delay on the explosion. Per the instructions, the Christmas bulb — al-Qaeda used a green light in their example — is altered and filled with explosive powder to act as a delayed ignitor.

  • Too bad Muslims never celebrate Christmas. Otherwise they would know something about those cheap “Dollar Store” Christmas lights.

  • ontario john

    MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM ISLAM!!! And please remember, “Diversity Is Our Strength”!!

  • tom_billesley

    Rhetorical question:
    Will there be calls for control of Christmas lights or for control of immigration?

    • mobuyus

      Islamic control of Christmas with the help of eager liberals.

  • Manual Paleologosm

    We used to do that as kids, with flashlight bulbs, to make hand held model rocket launchers with cherry bomb warheads.

    Today, we’d all be in Gitmo. Back then we were just pains in the arse.

  • Persecuted Minority

    It’s the Muslim community who are the real victims here.

    The levels of Islamophobia are already unbearable and they will rise even higher.

    It is incumbent upon the government to ban and strictly punish all forms of Islamophobia and pay reparations for every instance reported!