Why don’t middle-class Swedes care about erosion of women’s safety and rights?

From Mark Steyn,

On Monday night I joined Tucker Carlson on Fox News to discuss, in the wake of the incompetent Bangladeshi jihadist in Manhattan, the more advanced state of Islamization in Sweden and elsewhere – and the inability of Europeans even to discuss the subject honestly.

It’s obviously something I’ve talked about before: As I said to Tucker, it’s the biggest story of our time – and yet the media and political class still deny there’s any story at all. More.

Reality check: One way to understand the middle-class Scandinavians who move away from the Islamic crackdown on women – but implicitly support it from the safety of rural hamlets – is that they have nothing left but their sense of moral superiority. Like mules, they have neither pride of ancestry nor hope of posterity. Take away that aloof sneer and they are nothing. One wonders how many middle-class Canadians are like that too.

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  • Raymond Hietapakka

    …Finnlanders would be setting up this kind of multi-lingual road sign all over everywhere to help guide the weary travellers as to the direction to get https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a9a10ff8ecdef6eea9f92341bb536000ab73456391aab610b2482906d355ca7d.jpg back home….

  • Hard Little Machine

    Because Swedes love to be seen as paragons of leftism in the abstract, not in reality. Reality doesn’t concern them. What does though is the sweet sounds of people cheering and kissing them for their fine sounding words. After all, if the official Swedish policy is unconcern with the extermination of Jews in a small country far away, they’re not going to be overly worried about their own demise. Rhetoric matters, giving each other prizes matters, but the reality of it does not matter.

    • That is the entire support structure of leftism in general, it’s about feeling good and feeding one’s ego, real life results will always be someone else’s fault.

  • Oracle9

    Believe me there are LOTS of Canadians just as apathetic.

    Mention the subject and all I have ever gotten is silence.

    And if I persist, it’s “I don’t want to talk about it. End of discussion”.

    Always the same robot-like response. Canadians, cloistered behind several decades of prosperity and stability, are the most naive people on the planet.

  • SwedeShock

    The Middle-class in Sweden “don’t care”, because they don’t see it in their day-to-day life. The media is all propaganda and pushes the ‘all immigrants are children and nice teddy-bears’, while reality is they’re grown up, have twisted view of women, and follow Islam as their main life force.

    Also, not many Swedes have read the Quran, and that can be said for the bible as well. Pretty secular up here.

    Throw in 1st-world problems of life, work, bills, etc, etc… And you have a pretty docile and ignorant population. There are SO MANY people “asleep”. They see only what their daily life lets them, and do not seek outside their comfort-zone.

    It takes something to shock them – literally. And then they might type in some keywords in google, and it’s a journey many have taken to wake up. But unless “reality” shows up right in front of them, they will happily vote per tradition, and keep their skewed view of reality.

    But this can be said for most modern societies, and not just Sweden. Changing someone’s mind is not easy, unless you know how to show them in a manner that does not insult or challenge them, and become very defensive and “shut down”.

    There are plenty of Swedes who see the reality for what it is, read about it online, and may even have had a bad experience of said reality. But most have not. And telling someone this – your views, that is – they become defensive and call you a cook.

    To them, there is NO imminent danger. There is no boogieman hiding in the night to rape or kill them and announce their own belief on them, so it’s all peachy. And then you read about Police running alongside with joggers, you know… “because”, right…? Yeah…

    Hard for people to connect dots in today’s society, and not many think outside the box. So you end up with agenda-pushing politicians, and a docile and dumbed-down society.

    So don’t be all that surprised if people don’t see reality YOU do. As insane as it sounds, people can see the same picture very differently. The one and only thing that almost always works to wake someone up, is literally to make them experience hardship, shock and suffering.

    THEN they will wake up and see their new reality. And they HAVE TO face up to it, and all of the sudden, it becomes VERY imminent and dangerous to their life.

    But, for the meanwhile, docile and “safe-space” population, all in their own little bubbles of reality and experience. Somebody needs to burst many bubbles…


    • Alain

      It is the same in Canada.

  • Because they’re cowards.

    • ntt1

      Not sure if coward is the right term but they are certainly willfully blind and suicidal. the problem is ;when the awakening begins will it be too late?

      • If they go out of their way to deflect and deny, then, yes, coward is apt.

  • Gary

    Canadians need to take a good look at Lebanon to see the recent example for a prosperous nation with a majority christians that had muslims flooding in where it;’s now an islamic hell-hole that supports Hezbollah .
    Canada is perfect for islamists to make it just another islam crap-hole and attack the USA from our borders as they hide among civilians in apartments of wage war next to hospitals and schools .
    I predicted that the pro-Hezbollah muslims in Windsor will make it the first City in Canada to fire rickets into the USA on Detroit where the mosques will be tipped off so muslims flee the city.
    About 98% of the muslims use the same quran that calls for a global purge of non-muslims ( currently 6 billion ) where the Planet will be ruled by Sharia. Somehow the CBC and Liberals think that every follower of islam that comes here will stop obeying the quran or emulate their prophet to slay the unbelievers.
    When the bombs go off and we have our 9/11 , get ready to be told how it’s a few bad apples and not all muslims are terrorists.