Why don’t middle-class Swedes care about erosion of women’s safety and rights?

From Mark Steyn,

On Monday night I joined Tucker Carlson on Fox News to discuss, in the wake of the incompetent Bangladeshi jihadist in Manhattan, the more advanced state of Islamization in Sweden and elsewhere – and the inability of Europeans even to discuss the subject honestly.

It’s obviously something I’ve talked about before: As I said to Tucker, it’s the biggest story of our time – and yet the media and political class still deny there’s any story at all. More.

Reality check: One way to understand the middle-class Scandinavians who move away from the Islamic crackdown on women – but implicitly support it from the safety of rural hamlets – is that they have nothing left but their sense of moral superiority. Like mules, they have neither pride of ancestry nor hope of posterity. Take away that aloof sneer and they are nothing. One wonders how many middle-class Canadians are like that too.

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