Unsportsmanlike Conduct: Sexual Harassment At The NFL Network?

Didn’t the National Football League have enough trouble already with its anthem protests, concussion woes, and domestic abuse allegations? A lawsuit filed in October and amended yesterday against the league’s cable channel operations alleges that an executive producer and two of its on-camera stars engaged in repeated acts of sexual harassment that targeted a wardrobe specialist. The NFL Network has suspended three people pending an investigation, but more flags may be coming…

  • Watchman

    “Wardrobe specialist”?
    Are they employed to help people come out of the closet? I can understand a traditional ‘wardrobe specialist’ on a film set, TV studio, or live theatre, but at a football game?

  • David Murrell

    I’m a NFL football addict, so I sometimes watch the NFL network. It’s a horribly-produced network, with shrieking, egocentric “analysts”, overlong commercial breaks, bad sound quality, and so forth. I basically watch some of the game highlights on Sunday, between games, and a few replays of games during the week.

    The demographics of on-air personalities is of interest, Nearly all the males are black — large, hulking fellows — and all of the women are small-looking blondes. Nary a white male to be found. One wonders about what goes on off air.