Sweden’s young voters see climate change and the environment as biggest issues


Carried out by pollsters Novus, the survey showed that 14 percent of the 1,003 people who took part think climate change and the environment is the most important issue today. It was followed by school and education in second place, then immigration.

  • Starlord

    Years of indoctrination from nursery school to uni.

    • Alain

      It really isn’t much different here and for the same reason. I would say indoctrination by the “education system” and reinforced by the MSM.

      • Starlord

        On indoctrination.. Kids are smart, my sons come home yesterday and said why can’t say merry Christmas at school or have a Christmas concert instead of the generic holiday concert. I asked why… well on the PA this morning they wished everyone a happy Hanukkah and went on about that for a bit, then they went on about its some Muslims prophet or something birthday yesterday and they were saying Allah something peace on him something or other…. No mention of Christmas.. So they ask why bend for less than 1% of the school and limit our own culture… and get this the minority love Christmas who doesn’t…

  • Watchman

    How To Lie With Statistics
    140 people out of the 1003 who ‘took part’ thought that Climate Change was the most important issue, but apparently 863 out of their respondents did not think Climate Change was their most important issue.

    Without knowing exactly what questions were asked, then these figures are useless and probably deceptive.

    Here’s how you get the answers an SJW would want with a biased question:
    “Can you tell me of the following issues, which is the order you would place them in order of highest to lowest priority:
    a) climate change and the environment
    b) school and education
    c) immigration
    d) retirement pensions”

    What do you think the 1003 persons who bothered to respond would put as their top issues, given that their respondents had either recently graduated from high school or from university, being aged from 18-29? Would many of these young people put d) retirement pensions at the top of their list?

    Given the ban on the Swedish press telling the truth about immigration and immigrant crime rates, it’s fascinating that the third top answer is immigration. Of course it is not clear that they want immigration numbers up or down, but the socialist and SJW indoctrination in schools means that it is possible they are all for unlimited Swedish immigration.

    It is possible that the other 863 (86%) want more immigration stopped as the highest priority, and given the detail of this news report it’s impossible to say whether they did or not.

    This ‘survey’ is completely useless without more information.

    • Very true, hence the indoctrination and propaganda tags. GMTA.

  • Hard Little Machine

    It’s like watching people on the Titanic tell you that the biggest danger to them is global warming.

    • Watchman

      Well, if you asked a group of young conservatives you might get the answer you wanted: “Global Warming is expected to cause 50-100 million climate change refugees driven out of their countries by 2100, and Sweden is expected to be asked to take in over a million of them. How would your rate the root cause of Global Warming as a priority?”

  • WalterBannon

    Swedes are exceeded in this stupidity by Canadians

    • Solo712

      Funny, it should be two countries who would benefit from global warming by cutting on the cost of heating.

  • mauser 98

    as they are raped , butchered , blown up


  • Liberal Progressive

    The Climate Change disaster is going to be even worse than Y2K!

    • Observer

      Climate Change is no disaster and it’s not worse than Y2K because they have gotten several orders of magnitude in government funding more in the tens of millions in research grants to prove it.

      In fact for Climate Change researchers, Global Warming/Climage Change/Climate Volatility has been a smashing success making many of these researchers wealthy sucking at the public teat.

  • Uncommunist

    Brainwashed stupid turds – aka, sjws.

  • Dana Garcia

    Real environmentalists understand it’s wrong to import millions of third-world immigrants to the West who will then consume and pollute at first world levels.

    We had that argument with the corrupt Sierra Club a few years back.