Senate passes bill to remove mention of ‘barbaric cultural practices’ from Harper-era law

In a speech introducing her bill, Liberal Sen. Mobina Jaffer said the use of the term ‘barbaric’ is ‘insulting to cultures in Canada’

You’re an insult you ignorant bitch.

  • Watchman

    Yes, because saying that FGM is ‘barbaric’ is much more horrific than the practice itself, and because so many immigrants will now not know that such practices are contrary to Canadian law (well, technically they are, even if they are notable by the almost complete absence of actual prosecutions of the parents who arrange the FGM.) If the Canadian prosecution service ever decides to actually prosecute an FGM case, expect a strong case to be made by the accused parents’ lawyer that they had no idea that FGM was even disapproved let alone against the law.

  • Ed

    “…We are implying that these practices are part of cultures and that these cultures are barbaric.”

    Don’t believe yer lyin eyes.

  • CodexCoder

    Barbaric comes from barbaros – a Greek word meaning foreign and as in most cultures, having a connotation of not as worthy. And words for outsiders are not limited to the English language. Has anybody asked Mobina what the Arabic word “kaffir” means? For those of you that don’t know, it is also used to describe foreign, non-Islamic people, but has the meaning of “unclean” and is used every single day in the Muslim part of the world. So I am perfectly fine with dropping the word “barbaric” if Mobina and the rest of the Islamic culture drops “kaffir”.

    As to FGM, it is truly barbaric and should be prosecuted as assault having no medical benefit at all. If we don’t fight to keep our culture, we will lose our culture and I, for one, do not want to live in an Islamic state nor do I agree with court rulings espousing the precedent of cultural incompetence (ignorance based upon previously held cultural values). Ignorance of the law does not excuse one from prosecution under its statutes.

  • Watchman

    Also, essentially duplicating a comment of mine from a few days back: Hat tip to Gates of Vienna for this video link regarding FGM education in Canada:

    Ahmed Hussen, Somalian-born Canadian Minister of Immigration, refuses to say whether the FGM will be actually removed from Canada’s Citizenship Guide after an early draft leaked showed it was no longer present. His complete refusal to say whether it would be removed or even to nominally condemn FGM, despite being asked multiple times and in multiple ways. Bravo Michelle Rempel!

    • They are liars, that Muslim immigration minister is a bad joke.

      • Watchman

        The Minister of Immigration is very cunning, and technically he is not lying (called takiyya: lying in the service of islam). What he could be doing is tawriya, which is concealing the truth without actually lying. This is important since a lie to that committee could lead to his forced resignation as a Minister. By taking the approach that he did, when the final Citizenship Guide comes out, he can say that he never misled Rempel and that the decision was, as he said, done in consultation with stake holders.

        • Concerned Canadian

          That may be, but the chairman of the committee sided with the minister by basically shutting down the question. I assume he is a Liberal.

  • Clink9

    Liberals don’t mind as this practice is limited to only brown women.

  • ontario john

    Feminists like Heather Mallick at the Toronto Star, are upset at the female conservative MP, that spoke out against the removal of the clause. Apparently female genital mutilation is a feminist victory.

  • Ann

    Trudeau + liberal Party feminism is cutting and maiming little girls making sure gender inequality will never exist for them and the pain + scarring will remind them every day of what was cut from them. Instead they will never be able to fully realize their full potential as a Canadian women.

    We’ll never know how many little girls will undergo this barbarism thanks to Trudeau and hag of a Senator tacitly endorsing female genital mutilation.

    Thanks to Right Honourable Butcher of a PM Trudeau, the Honourable Senator “Slash” and Liberal slicer party little girls are going to be harmed in the most barbaric way.!/fileImage/httpImage/image.JPG_gen/derivatives/16x9_620/mobina-jaffer.JPG

    • Tooth&Claw

      I hope he dies heli skiing.

  • Liberal voters are fine with this.

    Remind them.