Refugee helpers in Germany sued for costs

A administrative court in the central German city of Giessen on Tuesday heard the cases of three refugee helpers who signed declarations guaranteeing the living costs of Syrian refugees — estimated at around €700 ($825) per month per refugee for a maximum of three years.

The cases are part of a series in Germany in which social welfare authorities are demanding money from guarantors even after the asylum seekers have been granted residency rights and refugee status.

  • Editor

    From the original piece : ” . . .people are being punished for showing humanity.”

    I would rephrase that to ” people are being held to the legal obligation they willingly signed up for.”

    Let the bleeding hearts bleed.

    • Mark Matis

      Very well said.

  • deplorabledave


  • Hard Little Machine

    Just take all their property, give it to the Muslim refugees and put the Germans in prison.

  • deplorabledave

    In this case abject stupidity is not going unpunished.