Ha! Ha! East Jerusalem should be declared Palestinian state’s capital, say Muslim world leaders

East Jerusalem must be recognised by the world as the capital of an independent Palestinian state, more than 50 Muslim nations have said, in a move designed to counter Donald Trump’s decision to recognise the contested city as Israeli.

A draft declaration from an extraordinary Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) meeting was distributed to reporters on Wednesday. The Trump administration’s move is “null and void” and means that the US can no longer act as an “unbiased” sponsor in Middle East peace talks, it read.

  • BeukendaalMason

    The “Palestinians” have a capital, its called Amman (Jordan). The only reason why Muslims out numbered Jews in East Jerusalem is because in 1945 the Jews were ethnically cleansed from East Jerusalem. In 1967 Israel liberated East Jerusalem and the Jews were able to return to the few homes left standing.

    • Solo712

      The “cleansing” actually took place in 1948, in the first Arab-Israeli war. Jordan (then Transjordan) invaded the West Bank and the area of Jerusalem set apart by the UN as “corpus separatum” an entity independent of both Israel or the Arab Palestine. By the time of ceasefire, Israel secured the larger portion of the city, and Jordan held the East Jerusalem. Jews were expelled from there and were not allowed to worship at the Wailing Wall until Israel defeated the joint Jordan-Iraq-Syrian armies and secured the religious sites in East Jerusalem in the 1967 war.

      • They ain’t gettin it:)

      • Art Deco

        Jordan’s generally been one of the more sensible and practical Arab governments. That didn’t stop them from wholesale destruction of synagogues and Jewish cemeteries during the period running from 1949 to 1967.

    • Art Deco

      Jordan is the issue of several migration and settlement streams. The refugees from the 1948/49 war and the 1967 war are (with their issue) just over 1/2 the population. The royal family is from the Hijaz, roughly 1/3 of the Arab population is derived from the pre-1948 Bedouin and town Arabs (who favor a different dialect from the UNRWA dole-recipients) and roughly 1/6 are migrants from other parts of the Arab world (some drawn from the ranks of what was once seasonal agricultural labor).

  • Dave

    F.O.A.D. works too.

  • Art Deco

    An aspect of the conflict is that one side cannot (in a way that influences behavior) distinguish between fantasy and reality. So, north of 1/3 of the Arab public on the West Bank and Gaza will tell a pollster that a non-negotiable feature of any settlement is that the State of Israel ceases to exist. Another 30% abjure that but insist that it’s non-negotiable that a 7-digit population of Arabs be given a franchise to settle in Israel at their discretion. These are conditions you insist on when your enemy is prostrate. They’ve never been in a position to dictate terms to Israel but go on year after year pretending (because the Western governments and the UN won’t cut off the money flow, among other reasons).

  • Art Deco

    So the OIC governments (few of whom one might guess have diplomatic and consular personnel in the area) will be gatecrashing to set up legations and such in the Arab neighborhoods in Jerusalem?

  • tom_billesley

    So the US has lost its status as an “unbiased” sponsor in Middle East peace talks.
    Muslims have regarded the US as “unbiased”? I must be developing selective amnesia.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      So who will they want as the mediator? The Fourth Reich? Russia? If their substitutes are unacceptable to Israel, the peace process is dead in the water, as it deserves to be.

      • Liberal Progressive

        They must want their impartial friend and the lone voice of reason Kim Jong-un to mediate.

  • sk6actual

    So called Palestinians have been a displaced tribe of inbreds since Goliath stepped in front of a rock.