‘Great Wall of Calais’ farce: Barrier costs UK £2.3m and is fitted with unlocked doors

A HUGE wall meant to stop migrants hiding in UK-bound lorries at Calais has been fitted with unlocked doors.

The 13ft barrier, dubbed The Great Wall of Calais, was built using £2.3million of UK taxpayers’ money.

It runs for well over half a mile beside the N216 motorway, which ends at the town’s ferry port terminal.

But a probe has found that steel doors set into it as access points for French officials are a glaring weak point.

  • The Buddhist Butterfly

    Not even sheep are this stupid.

  • chayisun

    I’m assuming they figure muslims are too dumb to figure out that the door requires them to pull the handle to open the door rather than push it. Or vice versa…..Apparently the instructions for this can’t be found anywhere in the koran.

  • Clink9

    Like a screen door on a submarine.

  • Editor

    It’s a metaphor for European border controls.

    • Marvin

      All for show for the public, without encumbering their real plans.

  • Reader

    It’s time once again for a musical interlude.

  • I’m not a tactician and I never said that I was but isn’t that self-defeating?