Feminist kicked out of Labour Christmas party because her views on transgender rights ‘made guests feel unsafe’

A feminist campaigner was thrown out of a Labour Christmas party because her ‘anti-transgender’ views made a trans teen party member ‘feel unsafe’.

Venice Allan, 42, a single mother from Lewisham, known for her controversial views, accused the Labour Party of ‘an appalling, Orwellian betrayal of women’ when she was made to leave a Labour Women’s Network Event.

She claimed she was removed from the event by chair Olivia Bailey because her presence was making Lily Madigan – the first transgender person to be elected as a women’s officer – feel uncomfortable.

  • ontario john

    Meanwhile, Islam is taking over Britain.

  • G2

    Let them play their victim games. It is more than amusing to watch these lunatics eat themselves. You don’t have to expose their clownishness, that’s their job. They kick women out of women’s events because certain women make men who wish they were women uncomfortable. You couldn’t make up anything more ridiculous.

    • simus1

      It was simpler when they were around 5 years old:
      “People who are wearing “X” colour socks must go home now.”

      Feminists are at the very “bootom” of the marxist pecking order.
      Shame about that.

      Like being stiffed extras in some very bad, excessively subsidized,
      multiculti, shot offshore, lefty movie.


    • (applause)

    • felis gracilis

      “You couldn’t make up anything more ridiculous.”
      This is true about normal people, but the left will find a way.

  • ontario john

    Its a good thing modern British people were not around during World War 2, or everyone would be talking about perverted sex while Hitler’s armies would be storming the beaches. Mind you, one could say that about any Western country now.

  • Let the loonies eat each other.

    Clear up anyone left standing.

  • bargogx1

    God forbid a man should be made to feel uncomfortable for trying to pass himself off as a woman.

  • canminuteman

    I love it when the revolution eats its children.