‘Do you REALLY think there are monogamous relationships in Australia?’

Muslim leader calls for legalisation of POLYGAMY

  • Watchman

    Of course there are monogamous relationships in Australia. Stable happy families are composed of such male-female marriages.

    If he meant does he think that we should remove all the laws regarding polygamy, polyandry, or bigamy because some people break the law, then why isn’t he calling for the repeal of Australia’s laws against murder, theft and breaking the speed limit, since there are instances of these law breaking happening too.

    I think this has all come about by the recent Same Sex Marriage (SSM) laws just passed in Australia. Marriage is now defined as between two people, it now seems interested parties are interested in expanding this further. The SSM advocates claimed that this would never happen, and now we have lobby groups wanting further expansion to happen.

    How it’s usually done in Canada or Australia is that a muslim man is officially married to only one woman, but has three other ‘wives’ who are considered single mothers and get welfare as if they were not in a relationship with the man. This seems to work around the law, right up until the man dies and the three unlucky ‘wives’ discover they are possibly entitled to nothing and the official wife gets everything.

  • The Deplorable Rosenmops