86% migrant student body at German school enriches scholastic environment with knife attacks

“They threaten us with knives”: teachers in Saarland send desperate cry for help to government

Teachers do not have an easy job. They have a lot of responsibilities, they should educate young people and make them strong for life.

Most prospective teachers are probably aware of this responsibility when they enter a schoolyard for the first time. Maybe that’s why they chose the job at all.

However, what teachers currently have to take on at Saarbrücken’s Gemeinschaftsschule Bruchwiese far exceeds what is normally demanded of a teacher.

Because there teachers have to protect themselves from the violent attacks of their students.

According to a report of the “Saarbrücker Zeitung”  , there have been several attacks with a knife, once pepper spray was used. “One student’s arm was broken. Several times the police had to move in, “writes the newspaper. Even parents were already overstretched.

The teachers do not feel safe anymore. That’s why they wrote a letter to the state government. “Many colleagues are afraid to teach certain students,” it says.