Trump’s Jerusalem Declaration Long Overdue

President Trump’s announcement Wednesday that the United States would recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital was both correct and prudent from America’s perspective. Much more remains to be done to relocate the U.S. embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, but this was a vital first step.

What is now critical is implementing Trump’s decision. Will the State Department actually carry out the new U.S. policy — which State’s bureaucracy strongly opposed — or will the entrenched opponents of moving the embassy subvert it quietly by inaction and obfuscation?

  • Gary

    The violent reactions around the World by muslims pretty were kills the mantra of islam being a religion of peace and how a “few” bad apples hijacked it.

    The whole damn Orchard is toxic .

    • It absolutely is, killing Jews and Christians is a central tenet of the cult.

  • Alain

    Already the State Department is attempting to sabotage and undermine the president on this.