Ontario Liberals out of touch with small businesses

It’s as if even the Wynne Liberals know it’s time to stick a fork in them, cause they’re done.

That after 14 years in power, they’ve lost touch with ordinary Ontarians, most of whom work in the private sector.

  • DMB

    Kathleen Wynne has absolutely no experience in working for the private sector. Her background in entirely in the public sector working as a school trustee in Toronto. Also as a left wing political activist opposing the Mike Harris Conservative government. Patrick Brown besides working for four years in the legal department for Magna International has little private sector experience. Andrea Horwath besides working as a part time waitress to pay for her University also has very little to no experience in the private sector. All three candidates especially Kathleen Wynne have never managed a business instead spent most of their time living off the public expensive. So it is no wonder we have politicians who have become so hostile to the needs of the private sector especially small businesses. It should be mandatory for politicians to have prior work experience in the private sector in order to run for office. No more recent University graduates of political science, community organizers or public sector union officials running for public office (unless they spent a certain amount of time in the private sector) making decisions on people they no nothing about.

    • CodexCoder

      And none seem to realize that without business, large or small, government has no revenue, and will eventually collapse of its own weight, even if it is the biggest pig at the trough. And with no incentive to produce goods and services, business will be smart enough to walk away if it can (the John Galt effect). The loss of 2B in revenue last year alone should be sending an observant tax collector a message, but the Liberals are too agenda driven, and too sheltered to understand.

  • CodexCoder

    As much as I despise Ontario Liberals, given that 4 by-elections took place across Canada last night, and 3 went to the Federal Liberals, including one in Ontario, I don’t believe they are completely down and out. And even if the Conservatives win provincially, I don’t trust Patrick Brown at all. Either way, it is not good.

    • Literally Hitler

      I’ll let Billy take it from here…

    • WalterBannon

      Canadians are socialist idiot cucks like the Swedes.

      Canada is a shithole now.

  • Waffle

    Last night’s by-election results said it all. They put the icing on the cake. The Canadian electorate (legitimate or not) is shuffling determinedly to its fate with eyes wide shut

    I have given up trying to make sense of this impulse to commit suicide but there it is. Why are people compelled to believe Liberal lies? Of course, at this point we don’t know how many newly-minted Liberals voted and all that that implies — ethnic voting blocs,etc., etc.

    But I digress — this thread is supposed to be about Ontario, at one time, not that long ago, the dynamic engine of the Canadian economy — a place to stand, a place to grow. However, no longer. It has been eviscerated and stands only as an empty shell. Our manufacturing has gone. Our institutes of higher learning have long whored themselves and charge fees that are double the rate of inflation compared to a mere half century ago. Our public schools teach neither, readin’, writin’ nor ‘rithmetic but our kids are well-versed in the joys of sex.

    This frightening travesty, accompanied by a sub-sovereign debt which grows to dizzying heights by the minute, is presided over by a well-disciplined lesbian.

    She is far from stupid. She knows exactly what she is doing. She has an agenda that we refuse to see. It is true that she plays her cards very close to her chest and she seems to have made her unmitigated ugliness a thing of virtue, perhaps because she is perceptive enough to know that sheeples always go for the shiny glitter.

    We are headed for the abyss — our wealth has been given away, but I have little doubt that this loathsome bitch has feathered her own nest.