I bet Justin Cried… Americans revoking travel visas from visitors who plan to claim asylum in Canada

Justin Trudeau crying on cue.

American authorities say an ongoing operation along their northern border has led them to revoke U.S.-issued travel visas for thousands of people, most of whom were headed to Canada to claim asylum.

Some, according to a U.S. State Department report, are associated with terrorist groups.

  • Ed

    God, he’s the Bobby Bitman prime minister.

    • Clink9
      • David Murrell

        Eugene Levy way back then, on SCTV, was so, so funny! Now on CBC, not so much.

  • Spatchcocked

    He’s the Johnny Ray of Canadian politics….he’s the Nabob of Sob.

  • ntt1

    I imagine the US is screening the migrants in their own interests .It is not good to have a pool of jihadi talent allowed to grow in Canada as it will eventually blow back on them. Its to the shame of All Canadians that our electing a soppy emotional mess as a prime minister has placed the onus for Canadian security on our southern neighbor

  • Oracle9

    Thank you Trump for exercising responsibility, for being an adult.

  • andycanuck

    Americans doing the jobs Canadians won’t.

  • JoKeR
    • David Murrell

      Lol. Great cartoon!

      • Maggat

        No, it’s not great. It’s to damn close to truth

        • David Murrell

          Justin might have a plan afoot to pay $10.4-million to any Islamic terrorist committing war crimes. P.s. I like the artwork above depicting super-sock’s face. Terrific stuff.

  • Oracle9

    So disgusted with spineless politicians. Trudeau on down to the rump Conservatives, Scheer included.

    One exception: Michelle Rempel. Watch her go after Achmed Hassan.


    • Alain

      Bravo to her. She has more balls than Scheer.

      • Maggat

        Yes, and they are brass balls. However I don’t feel that Scheer, as well who’s ball seem missing, is making much in the way of tossing IQ80 boy out the door. IE the recent by-elections..

    • ntt1

      I agree Remple is a bright spot, Dimples Backed the Paris climate fraud just days after he was sworn in as leader, he has puttered along with all leadership gravitas of an enraged teddy bear since then.. we will lose and continue to lose with this kind of blanc mange leadership.

  • Reader
  • Justin will bring them in anyway.

    There are only so many people willing to vote for welfare and FGM and 2019 is fast approaching.

  • David_Martin

    I’d better sell my Canada Goose stock.