House of Commons gearing up for Indigenous languages in chamber

The federal government is working to beef up its ability to present simultaneous translation of the House of Commons proceedings from English and French into Indigenous languages and vice-versa, according to documents obtained by CBC News.

  • ontario john

    Just think of all the new civil servants that will have to be hired. Because what we need is languages translated that no one speaks anymore. Perhaps they can burn a couple of Catholic priests at the stake, at the beginning of every session. And hopefully they can put some rusted out cars and smoke shacks on the front lawn.

    • The “progressive” choice: Math of Inuit?

      What’s the best use of your time?

    • Editor

      According to the Canadian Encyclopedia, which claims David Suzuki and Margaret Atwood as contributors so you know it’s objective,

      “Indigenous languages are spoken in all regions of Canada. There are
      around 60 distinct Indigenous languages in Canada, falling into 10
      separate language families.”

      Translator jobs for every indigenous person that wants one !

      • Clink9

        Romulans are feeling left out.

  • BillyHW

    They will declare Arabic an indigenous language within 10 years.

    • J. C.

      I don’t doubt it.

    • P_F

      10 years!!! You are too optimistic. Under mohammed trudope by year 2020 all will be forced to learn arabic, any deviation will be islamophobic.

  • irishrus

    Oh plezzz what are they going to do howl at the moon and smoke real weeds like they did before civilization lifted them up from savages

  • Thomas Henderson

    Welcome to the Tower of Babel.

    Considering the House of Commons debates are obscure in any official language, chalk it up to another expensive pet project for virtue signalling blowhards.

  • irishrus

    You know I get it already, yeah yeah who invited another human being to your rain dances and BTOBooze

    But if my Irish ancestors did nothing but roll around in the mud and ate nothing but potatoes and worshiped animals and piles of rocks (come to think of it, they probably did) before a higher civilization came along…. not only would I be embarrassed, I sure wouldn’t keep my mindset on romanticizing that period in my ‘history’ and try to get others to see my love for it. okay, maybe modern druids

  • Reader

    Oh well, it’s only our money they’re spending.

    And if we run out of it, Justin can always borrow lots more like he does for his green projects, that our kids will have to pay back.

  • Micky C.

    A billion dollers here, a billion dollars there… pretty soon we’re talking about real money.

  • Exile1981

    let’s see there are 38 seperate inuit dualects and a total of 50 seperate native languages. Several of which have less than 10 speakers left.

    Next there will be arabic translation, then jamacian, chinese…. i’m going to demand that I have a translator for the black speech…. or maybe klingon.

  • QiPo

    Ahhhh, first the tower, now The Sewer of Babel. Asssimulation going well I see.

  • Art Deco

    I think I’ll play the annoying Yank and give you unsolicited advice:

    1. Negotiate a velvet divorce from Quebec.

    2. Stop truckling to aboriginal political entrepreneurs. It’s doubtful you have many monolingual adherents to tribal languages (especially among candidates for parliament) and it’s pointlessly cumbersome to be expending resources translating languages which have 4 and 5 digit populations of speakers (and have to rely on Latin letters because they never developed any script of their own). If some municipal council in Cree territory wants to hold sessions in an aboriginal tongue, let ’em. That’s there and Ottawa’s Ottawa.

  • P_F

    So under trudope libtards (and equally ignorant first nation people) it’s more important to have house of common proceedings translated from english & french to some obscure indigenous languages which nobody actually speaks than having access to clean drinking water & well paying jobs.
    Obviously somebody at the top does not want native people to live a decent, respectful life.

  • P_F

    More likely than not it’s a liberal ploy to bring in arabic & other foreign languages as our official language.
    Start with some obscure native language which will open the door for arabic, farsi, urdu, bengali punjabi, mandarin, cantonese, tagalog, swahili & on & on & on.
    After all you know multiculturalism is Canada’s official policy then why not include multilanguage in this policy??
    Forget Canada guys, celebrate multicultural utopia of libtards.

  • That’s a brilliant idea, even better than giving French Canada huge amounts of sway over the majority of the country that speaks English. Why get Asians or Europeans to learn English when they can learn over sixty languages that are rarely spoken, very regional and hard to pronounce? And strategically, this scores no points at all because the aboriginal populations in this country are fairly low.