Host Stephen LeDrew fired from CP24

Stephen LeDrew was so sure he would be back on his popular CP24 Live at Noon show he had two special guests lined up for the day of his return following a one-week suspension.

  • Micky C.

    It’s a pity. Back in the day, I use to like 2 Bald Men With Strong Opinions on CFRB (before Coren turned his coat inside out). Maybe LeDrew will take this time over the holidays to reflect on this and realize he was shilling for a diseased ideology all along. But somehow I doubt it… the infection of liberalism has steeped too deep.

  • WalterBannon

    Ha! Saw him embarrass himself in that interview. I would have fired him too.

  • mauser 98
  • LKurc

    Fox and CTV are competitors? No wonder LeDrew couldn’t stop himself from “giggling”. There is nothing worse than the envy of a second rater.

    • Gary

      Justin controls the CRTC and CBC . Trudeau threatened FOX to delete their Mosque shooting posts right after he and the CBC changed the Narrative . Muslims in the mosque told the police that 2 persons in black with hoods had yelled in Arabic and fired their AK-47’s and shot several people praying before the 2 fled.
      Justin and the CBC changed it about 7 hours later to a lone shooter that was white ,a Trump supporter and a french accent .
      If 2 persons with hoods yell in arabic……how the hell did the Muslim witnesses make a mistake and actually saw 1 while male that spoke in English with a french accent. But if the 2 had hoods ….how did they know he was white.

      Here’s the video below where Justin gets caught threatening FOX. In canada…..Justin bullies the media to spew his Liberal propaganda with the CRTC a club which is why LeDrew is gone for talking to FOX and why the 640am Toronto radio station has their Host spewing BS they don’t believe but want to keep their job.
      On Saturday I heard Roy Green ( 2-5 pm) reach a boiling point to rant about Trump and Roy Moore but I’m good at reading people and his rage was because he was forced to bash Trump and Moore based on allegation .
      Roy Green was always fair but he changed which I trace Justin getting elected . I know all about the CRTC and the CBSA where a list of words are banned while every comment about islam must be countered if it’s negative to promote islam as a religion of peace.

  • ontario john

    Even an old Liberal Party hack like LeDrew is not allowed to stray from the control of the media elites. Bell Media insists on controlling the message.

  • WildWelshWoman

    That’s what he gets for shooting his mouth off before putting his brain into gear. Oh, wait… he’s a Liberal, he has no brain.

  • simus1

    I like Bell’s basic down to earth incoherent take on most things. When I dispensed with their services some years ago, their India based scammers spent their “one year permitted contact window in the do not call theology” harassing me by telephone while the local supposed VP of kiss and come back sent me “valuable new” offers of his undying affection by mail.
    A bound to work version of “bad cop, good cop” ?

  • Observer

    But will go back to living off of the fat of the land, that is, to being the President of the Liberal Party of Canada?