Fresh signs we’re about to make a big mistake legalizing marijuana

To the long list of improbable things only government could do, there is one more item to add: Lose money selling drugs.

You may remember the scene in The Godfather in which a summit of mafia dons debates the infamia of selling drugs. Their concern was the evident immorality of exploiting addiction, not a lack of profit: “If you put up three-, four-thousand-dollar investment,” the Detroit don says, “we can make fifty thousand distributing.” In the end, they resolved their morality-profitability dilemma by agreeing not to deal drugs near schools or to children.

  • General P. Malaise

    turning the government in a drug dealer. what could possibly go wrong. it isn’t remotely about medical marijuana

    • Washington legalized pot in 2012. Free enterprise growers and pot shops have managed to make the system work quite well. Prices have dropped. Quality is high and product selection has grown significantly.

      Since 2012 there has been no newsworthy reports of problems. The state and local governments have raked in millions of dollars.

      The state should control and regulate the industry. But the state should not be involved in commercial enterprise.

      The Yugo was a car built by the state. How did that work out?

      • Jaedo Drax

        Of course, if the state regulates it, it should be in the form of, licenses that are available to anyone that pays the low fee, and has a clean criminal record. Otherwise, it’s just another crony system for Smitherman and his ilk.

  • Waffle

    Canadians are incurably addicted to government-run enterprises — the CBC, liquor stores, child care, etc., etc. We have an unshakable faith in the purity of its motives and its benefit to the greater good. We rationalize the flaws and deny reality even when it jumps up and bites us in the ass.

  • canminuteman

    I predicted a long time ago that Ontario would lose money selling drugs. I stand by that prediction.

  • QiPo

    Hookers next? Heroin? Organ harvesting with prisoners? ANYTHING for a dollar? Just think, they COULD HAVE run the country right. Instead they chose to run it into the ground.

  • It’s drugs the government wanted to get money off of.

    People voted for this.

    What a gong show.