Feminist Site Offers Advice Guaranteed to Ruin a First Date

First dates are pretty stressful. You’ve met someone new, someone you find yourself attracted to, and you want to make a good impression. It’s that moment when the whole world is open to you. The other person is like Schrodinger’s Date: at once “the one” and a complete train wreck in the making up until the moment the date starts.

So the site Everyday Feminism has some advice for you.

No one could ever be that desperate.

  • Killer Marmot

    Hey, whatever it takes to get laid.

  • Marius K

    Let me know where I can watch feminists dating Muslims and I will get more pop-corn.

  • Ed

    Question 11. “Do you think my ass is too big?”

  • Editor

    The original piece starts with “As a . . .”

    I’m out.

  • Reader

    You could always take her to a Freddy B concert for your first date.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I watch or at least have on in the background HGTV “Love it or List it” or “House Hunters” much of the time. Two things I noticed.

    Apparently about half of all couples are gay.
    And the other half are a straight woman married to a gay man.

    So if by first date you mean a like minded woman dating someone exactly the same as her, it’s a slam dunk. And if you’re a gay or straight woman dating a gay man, it’s only slightly less guaranteed they’ll think just like you anyway. It’s only when straight women make an attempt to date a straight man that some kind food fight is going to erupt. And let’s be honest. A man knows going in, that 80% of the time a first date is with one kind of freakazoid or another. And that’s after weeding out the dangerously crazy ones up front.

    • DMB

      On the t.v. show Love it or List it Toronto there was one episode (season 7 episode 7) had on none other than the “Reverend” Brent Hawkes one Canada’s most prominent Homosexual activist with his gay lover on as well. During the first segment of the show they devoted it entirely to the “struggle” showing Brent Hawkes activism in promoting the Homosexual agenda. This had absolutely nothing to do with the shows main theme of if they wanted to sell their home or remain in it. During another segment of that same episode had Hillary Farr literally kneeled before Brent Hawkes begging for his approval concerned he might have felt insulted by one of David’s usual sarcastic remarks. These incidents along with the grossly disproportionate amount of gay couples clearly illustrate that this show is meant to publicly pander and promote the gay lifestyle. With other home renovation themed shows such as Flip it Forward were the show host were fired for not endorsing the gay agenda HGTV wants to make has made it very clear that they are a propaganda outlet for the militant gay agenda and those who disagree with it will not be employed by them.