Why are the nations in an uproar?

King David’s Psalm number two opens with the rhetorical question – “Why are the nations in an uproar?”

Well now we know. The European nations (nearly all of them) that conspired with Germany to wipe out the Jews barely 75 years ago, cannot accept the fact that Israel Lives. That’s one. Two, that Israel lives with Jerusalem as its capital, as endorsed by the United States through President Trump – it’s driving them crazy.

Delirium has set in from France, Germany (that’s nerve), Britain, Sweden and throughout the European Union.

They can’t forgive Trump for being so heroic and they will never forget him for his refusal to act the Quisling like Obama.

  • bob e

    hear hear .. boss

  • If the Islamist states didn’t go after Israel, they would war amongst themselves.

    It’s not just the Koran that dictates war against the Jews; it’s unspoken public policy to prevent domestic unrest.

  • Gary

    Hitler had a Muslim SS Division while Justin’s dad support the nazi’s in the 1930’s which Liberal now deny no matter how many people in Montreal witnessed it.

  • Straight shooter. Refreshing. By the way, did I mention it’s refreshing?

  • irishrus

    European commies hate Jews as much as self hating New York and Californica Jews
    I know it’s as weird as it gets but there it is

  • Linda1000
  • Norman_In_New_York

    The first part of the Second Psalm referenced above:

    Why are the nations in an uproar,
    And why do the peoples mutter in vain?
    The kings of the earth stand up
    And the rulers take counsel together
    Against the Lord and His anointed.
    “Let us break their bands asunder.
    Let us cast away their cords from us.”
    From on high, the Lord is laughing at them.
    He holds them in derision
    And will vex them with His sore displeasure.
    “Truly it is I who have established My king
    Upon Zion, My holy mountain.”