Number of Muslim terrorist suspects in Germany reaches record high

More Salafists are living in Germany than ever before, domestic intelligence chief Hans-Georg Maassen said on Sunday.

Maasen said the number of people adhering to the fundamentalist Islamic ideology had “risen to an all-time high,” with the German intelligence agency BfV giving a figure of 10,800 Salafists in Germany as compared with 9,700 in December last year.

A growing “fragmentation” and drift to the private sphere of Salafism in Germany was making the scene harder to observe for authorities, Maassen said.

  • tom_billesley

    Trial deployment of anti-terrorist barrier in Tamworth, Staffordshire this morning

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    …that’s TWENTY infantry battalions worth of soldaten…

  • Dana Garcia

    Borders are designed to keep enemies out, but Merkel forget that historic fact.

  • Germany can handle this. They’ve done a swell job before.

  • Gary

    30 years from now a Liberal PM will cry and apologize for Trudeau’s refugee policy that got 95% of the jewish temples fire-bombed by muslims and the 1000+ rapes to women and little girls.

    It’s the Liberal thing to react on impulse to get votes no matter how many deaths they cause because a future Liberal PM will just apologize .