Muslim ‘launched his botched subway attack in revenge for Israeli airstrikes on Gaza after Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital’

The Bangladeshi national behind Monday’s unsuccessful terrorist attack in New York City told investigators that he plotted the bombing as revenge for recent Israeli actions against Palestinians in the Gaza strip.

Suspect Akayed Ullah, 27, was seriously injured around 7:20am when a pipe bomb strapped to his body malfunctioned and prematurely exploded as he walked through a busy Midtown Manhattan subway station.

Authorities say the homemade explosive only partially exploded and that if it had detonated as intended, there would have been more injuries and doubtless loss of life.

The crude device was made from a pipe, a 9-volt battery, match heads, sugar, Christmas tree lights and screws, senior law enforcement officials told the New York Post.

Ullah was taken to Bellevue Hospital to be treated for serious burns and lacerations to his abdomen and hands but is expected to survive.

  • Ed

    “I can’t feel the goat anymore”

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    Who here predicted that they would blame Trump?

  • Maurice Miner

    Nothing to do with Islam!

  • Clink9

    When he gets out he plans on unleashing his Mother Of all Bombs made of horsehair and shirt cardboard.

  • Lightstream

    He should serve time and be deported immediately after.

    • BillyHW

      Off with his head!

  • chayisun

    According to his fellow worshippers at the local mosque, otherwise known as the recruitment centre for crazy people, he was a good guy and there is no way he would ever do such a thing. The imam will be issuing a statement to set the record straight that, if it were (was?) him he was under a Jewish spell. And it’s definitely a Jewish conspiracy to turn everyone against muslims.

    The Islamic community is now fearful of a possible backlash. They state that they are all not terrorists and strongly condemn the attack. Though the attack was not their fault and, in reality, didn’t happen.

    • BillyHW

      His momma loved him and he was just about to start college to earn a degree in rap albumming.

      • Watchman

        No, that standard excuse is for black families.

        The standard ME response is that his family will say he was a peaceful, quiet, loving son, and regularly attended religious services and was planning on raising money to help the ‘starving children of Gaza’. Recently, he became even more religious and started going to the mosque five times a day. The imam of his mosque will say that he only met him once or twice and he wasn’t a regular attendee at his mosque. There might even be a claim that Akayed was recently assaulted by a gang of Orthodox Jews on a Saturday morning, who beat him up and threatened that once the Jews take over the whole of the Middle East they will genocide all the muslims there.

        • Blacksmith

          “once the Jews take over the whole of the Middle East they will genocide all the muslims there.”
          They say this because they know it is the only way to stop them……

  • Liberal Progressive

    I am sure the judge will realize he is peaceful since he is from The Religion of Peace and give him a lot less time than those 15 years for that violent white guy who left bacon at a mosque.

  • mauser 98
    • Watchman

      There’d be twice as much damage if the silenced pipe bomb also had a bayonet lug. /sarc

  • joan flaherty

    I really hope he gets deported.

  • Watchman

    This was so incompetent (fortunately!) that I suspect he did it for the long term prison sex.

    • The Deplorable Rosenmops

      Hopefully the parts needed for sex were blown off.

  • Persecuted Minority

    It’s the Muslim community who are the real victims here as always.

    Systemic Islamophobia is everywhere and this minor incident will be used to attack even more poor Muslim people. Where are the reparations for all that we have been forced to go through?

  • Sure, he did.

    There is ALWAYS an excuse for these guys.

  • Dave

    Where is an Elor Azaria when you need one?

  • Yo Mama

    Most of da muzzies who attempt to commit jihad on us kafir nevr get charged.

    Instead da guvernmunt just help dem and treat dem in dee hospitals for da burns on dair lips for all dee cars dey tried to blows up!

  • Maggat

    “but is expected to survive.”. Oh well can’t expect to win’em all.

  • Barrington Minge

    I hope it really hurt him…..poetic justice?

  • Blacksmith

    I think they should stake him out in a field and strap pound of c4 to him with a 40 lb dead man trigger in his hand to show him how its supposed to be done.

  • Art Deco

    NB destroying a building with an explosive is 1st degree Arson in New York and treated in the Penal Law as severely as Murder. I think this would qualify as 1st degree attempt, a crime as serious as forcible Rape in New York. It can fetch a sentences as long as 12.5 to 25 years in prison. Then there are the federal charges he faces.