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Should the US Criminalize Radical Islam?

An innovative law being proposed in Bulgaria may provide a model for Western democracies to weed out radical Islam and its promoters in their midst.

The law, which amends the criminal code and passed the first reading in the parliament, criminalizes the promotion of radical Islam, including advocating for violent jihad, a caliphate and sharia law, Breitbart reported.

Demonstrators in Stockholm set fire to Israeli flag

Protestors took to the streets of Stockholm on Saturday to protest against US president Donald Trump’s decision to move the American Embassy to Jerusalem.

During the demonstration, which police consider to have taken place calmly, an Israeli flag was set on fire.

The incident comes the day after reports of anti-Semitic chanting during a demonstration in Malmö.

Couillard’s Liberals promise guaranteed minimum income for some Quebecers

Premier Philippe Couillard is promising to create a guaranteed minimum income for certain Quebecers as part of a $3 billion anti-poverty plan.

Couillard and Employment Minister Francois Blais presented the government’s five-year anti-poverty strategy in Quebec City on Sunday.

The plan would boost the annual income of those who are unable to work by more than $5,000 to about $18,029 a year and establish a guaranteed minimum income for them.

Germany: Pakistani migrant arrested for trying to blow up a church in Mannheim

A 24-year-old Pakistani migrant has been arrested for trying to destroy a church tower by causing a ‘gas explosion’.

On the morning of Tuesday December the 5th, the suspect was arrested during a police raid on his house. According to German media the man has been living for several years in the country and didn’t migrate recently. They did not communicate if he was a “refugee” or not.

Racism Is Wreaking Havoc On Our Mental Health, Says Policy Expert Uppala Chandrasekera

“I must have been a little over eight, and two teenagers in a car drove by and called me a ‘Paki,” she says.

Chandrasekera was confused. She wasn’t Pakistani, she was Sri Lankan. Then her friend apologized. “We were eight, and she got what that meant, that it was a derogatory term.”

That was just the beginning of her experience with racism in Canada.