Church of England clergy trained to help flock cope with terror trauma

A new project led by a professor at the University of Exeter aims to help them explore how “tragic events [can] be related to the narratives of Christian Scripture and doctrine”.

It will also help them consider how “the resources of lament & psalmody be deployed in tragic situations”.

  • K1

    It’s ok snowflake… you do NOT have to tolerate or turn the other cheek and go for a second round…. just…

  • tom_billesley

    Time for wailing, gnashing, and rending of garments?

    • Ed

      Looking at that photo, time to change the depends.

    • The modern day version of the “whip”, when the money-mongers defiled the temple.

  • ontario john

    What happened to the Church of England that launched crusades. Now they have pansy loving socialists like Michael Coren, studying for the Anglican priesthood.

    • tom_billesley

      CofE founded 1534 AD. Last crusade to the Holy Land (9th) 1271 AD.
      The mediaeval crusades were a Catholic affair.

      • ontario john

        See what a king wanting a divorce causes.

  • Martin B

    The Church of England is content to lament and psalmody itself into the grave. Ol’ Henry must be wondering why he ever bothered.

  • Uncommunist

    Fake Christians

  • Millie_Woods

    This will really help the literally dozens of sentient Brits who still attend church. What they really need is to pray for politicians who have some intelligence and are loyal to the British people. But alas, there’s some miracles that even He can’t perform.

  • bob e

    The church wont be coping when the clergy is blown away &
    the churches become mosques ..

  • Solo712

    “Resources of lament and psalmody” are as effective against terrorism as woman’s moaning is to dissuading a rapist.

  • Gary

    Let’s not deal with the muslim problem to stop them from coming in , no….Diversity means that 98% of population must put bars on the house windows while the women should not go out after dark .