British children as young as FOUR are being targeted by ISIS spelling app which says ‘B is for bullet, R is for rocket, G is for gun’

Children as young as four at a British school are being targetet by an ISIS spelling app that features photos of bullets, rockets and guns.

The app was suggested for students at an Islamic Studies school in London who are learning Arabic script after a teacher asked for study aid recommendations on Facebook.

In images of IS’s Spelling Teacher app, ‘S’ is shown to stand for ‘sarukh’ – the Arabic word for a rocket – while others follow a similar rule with cartoons of bullets – ‘dhakheera’ in Arabic – and an axe, translated as ‘fas’.

  • David_Martin

    “A” is for absolutely nothing – what the followers of the Prophet have accomplished in the fields of Science and Technology.
    “B” is for Burka – what our women wear to prevent men for getting all excited.
    “C” is for cut em off – what we do to young girl’s privates.
    “D” is for dumb – the best adjective to describe Somalis.
    “E” is for everything – what the Kuffars do better that True Believers.
    “F” is for FGM – refer to the definition of the letter C above.
    “G” is for Germans – the fools that have given us their country.

  • irishrus

    bug splat is for sighted terrorists by real armies

  • Observer

    So the fakestanians have done the same think with an anti-Semitic book called “P” Is For Palestine they are marketing in the USA and Canada.

    • They’ve been indoctrinating children using the method for more than a generation in the Palestinian territory. Robbing them of their childhood. Communists countries do the same thing with children re: violent revolutionary indoctrination.

  • Mickey Oberman

    What, if anything, are the parents of these children doing about this unsanitary brain washing?