Bonokoski: High times for provinces as Mr. Big ups split on pot

So, pot czar Justin Trudeau, realizing his actual street dealers were on the verge of a revolt, turned to his Mr. Big, Bill Morneau, and told him to divvy up a more saleable split of the profits from upcoming pot deals.

When profits are projected to be in the billions, honour among thieves, and we say “thieves” with all due respect, begins to lose its lustre.

  • People voted to have their drugs taxed.

    This is why I believe that drugs are bad.

    • Exile1981

      In our town people who had never voted got out and voted for the idiot just because he promissed cheaper drugs.

      • How cheap are they now?

        • Exile1981

          obvious not cheap enough. Two of the three families fled in the night for unpaid rent and the third had their home forclosed on.