What if Catholics espoused what radical Islamists do?

Australia – Peaceful Islamists Protest

From our American friend John Gilmore at alphanews, reporting from India:

The Regressive Left immediately paints any criticism of Islam as racist (it is a religion, not a race but liberals only have that one, worn out card to play) and call any critic a bigot. Mind you, if Catholicism taught what Mohammed and the Koran teach, they’d condemn it in a flash. This is the hypocrisy with which we are faced and to which, fortunately, we are increasingly impervious when called bigoted. Honesty is not bigotry. More.

Reality check: True, but the “Regressive Left” are not afraid of Catholics. Catholics usually just stumble, crumble, apologize, stop going to Mass and vote for oppression.

See also: Left-wing evangelicals still stupefied over Trump win. They didn’t hesitate to support a president who was “pro-choice” on third-trimester abortions.

  • Catholicism already does espouse radicalism, according to leftists. It is against abortion, divorce and communism. It is the bogey-man Islamism should be.

    • Jabberwokk


      Do nothing and you too short.
      Do something and your too tall.

      And when they do give the halfway compliant of parroting Deus Vault they forget to take the Deus part seriously.

  • JusticeVegas

    Elitist Catholics sold out to secularism in the 60’s when the Jesuits championed the 3rd way and JFK was elected President (the Kennedys are Catholic like Bruce Jenner is a woman). Islam filling the void of secularism and atheism and this murderous cult won’t stop spreading anytime soon thanks to our elitist politicians.