The tip of the spear 35,000 jihadists are present in UK, about two WWII divisions.

UK’s defence secretary Gavin Williamson said in an interview  that ISIS fighters and other jihadists who take up arms against the Sovereign should be eliminated. He said that they are legitimate targets for the military and that nobody who voluntarily joins an organization or a state which is at war with the United Kingdom, should be allowed back into the country. He’s not alone. Number 10 supported him, stating that this has been the official position for a while. His colleague Rory Stewart MP said a few months back that there’s only one way to deal with all British jihadists who take up arms against the Crown, that is by hunting them down as military targets.

This is a remarkable acknowledgement of reality, and one might wonder why it took so long, for something this evident. The outrage against this is similarly predictable from our liberal media and commentariat class.

h/t Marvin

  • Maggat

    Then there is IQ80, who’ll bring them ‘home’ by the truck load, give shelter, sustenance and the life of returning warriors.

  • I’m sure Britain can handle this.

  • “Number 10 supported him, stating that this has been the official position for a while.”

    Paper tigers. Stick it on paper, then you have absolved yourself of actually having to act on the position: “Look, we got it on paper — it’s Official policy already, so stop bugging us to take action”.

  • Millie_Woods

    The three stages of a politician accepting an idea:

    1. Call it ridiculous.
    2. Say that it’s blatantly obvious.
    3. Claim it as your own.

  • Observer

    What amateurs. Justin has brought in a lot more than that to Canada just since he was elected a little more than two years ago.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Good thing the police have arrested hundreds who once said mean things about Islam on Facebook