The End of Media History and the Last Honest Man

Ever since postwar American journalism sacrificed its soul on the altar of celebrity sometime in the mid-’80s, a terrible day of reckoning for the craft has been in the works. The “gets” and the gotchas, the “how do you respond to” questions, the how-do-you-feels; the unseemly scrums, the willingness to endure any humiliation from their betters in the hopes of basking, however fleetingly, in reflected glory — that day finally arrived this week with a series of unforced errors that has stripped bare the profession’s pretenses to objectivity and truth-seeking, and exposed them for the tawdry, politicized whores they really are.

Harsh words, perhaps, but the truth hurts.

  • robins111

    I rather expect that we just saw a Canary Trap ‘twofer’ in which a leaker or 2 got exposed and the media was made to look like the losers they are.

  • Dana Garcia

    I agree that celebrity-itis has caused great evil among the scribbler class, but in the US at least, there is no employment visa for journalists which makes them very privileged indeed.

  • Hard Little Machine

    We don’t live in a fact based or reality based world any more. Facts and truth have nothing to do with it. Turn on NPR and every second of content is about ‘feelings’.