‘Put an end to hate speech’: United Nations issues ‘bizarre criticism’ to Australia over ‘rising racism against Aboriginals and Muslims’

Australia – Peaceful Islamists Protest

The United Nations has warned Australia that discrimination against Muslims and Aboriginals is ‘on the rise’ and it must ‘put an end to racist hate speech’.

The damning review was blasted by Multicultural Affairs Minister Zed Seselja, who lashed out at the global organisation’s ‘bizarre criticism’, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

The report outlined 16 areas where improvement was needed including the welfare and status of Indigenous Australians, asylum seekers and migrant workers.

It also claimed Arabs, Muslims, Africans, South Asians and Indigenous Australians were ‘particularly affected by racist hate speech and violence’.

  • Maurice Miner

    We are so totally screwed in Oz…

    • Lightstream

      We are totally screwed in Canada too.

    • Watchman

      You Australians think that criticism from the United Nations is legitimate. It might be, but quite often is not. Western countries with their Judaeo-Christian Guilt culture are susceptible to manipulation via this guilt. Other countries are mostly impervious, and the people making the reports don’t really try to change their behaviour.

      The UN human rights investigators are not going to spend much time criticising North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Zimbabwe or Cuba since they know it will neither work nor will it gain fame for the ‘investigator’ as the person who made these problems public.

  • Tooth&Claw

    You’ve a claim, but no proof. Sod off.