Profs see criticism of their far out views as “violence”

From Toni Airaksinen at Campus Reform:

A group of education professors recently claimed that Campus Reform “attacks” and commits “violence” against “faculty who represent historically marginalized groups.”

In the most recent issue of the Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education, 11 professors signed onto a joint statement condemning the “violence” perpetrated by news outlets that report on higher education, including The College Fix and Campus Reform.

“The attack on critical scholars within US universities has greatly accelerated with the election, statements, and actions of Donald Trump,” the professors write, later adding that “We know these attacks are only going to grow, and we know we cannot just be in a defensive mode.”More.

Reality check: Of course, to them it must seem like violence. They are not used to people who can defend themselves by reasonable argument, evidence, and moral suasion.

Let’s just hope they don’t plan to attack fellow profs or institute a reign of terror, such as happened at Evergreen State. On the other hand, if they do…

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