Profs see criticism of their far out views as “violence”

From Toni Airaksinen at Campus Reform:

A group of education professors recently claimed that Campus Reform “attacks” and commits “violence” against “faculty who represent historically marginalized groups.”

In the most recent issue of the Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education, 11 professors signed onto a joint statement condemning the “violence” perpetrated by news outlets that report on higher education, including The College Fix and Campus Reform.

“The attack on critical scholars within US universities has greatly accelerated with the election, statements, and actions of Donald Trump,” the professors write, later adding that “We know these attacks are only going to grow, and we know we cannot just be in a defensive mode.”More.

Reality check: Of course, to them it must seem like violence. They are not used to people who can defend themselves by reasonable argument, evidence, and moral suasion.

Let’s just hope they don’t plan to attack fellow profs or institute a reign of terror, such as happened at Evergreen State. On the other hand, if they do…

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  • simus1

    These perfessers seem to have some difficulty getting their brain development beyond that of a dumb class inmate of about nine(with apologies to normal nines year old’s). Wonder how many have helicopter parents on speed dial ready to rush forth and wipe their assorted orifices in a crisis.

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    Having been back in the college classroom a year ago after a solid 20-year absence, I can attest to this.
    If you disagree with a female college professor about anything, it is tantamount to rape, and your grade will suffer.
    If I ever have a choice in the matter I will never attend another class taught by a female professor.

  • Reader

    These professors probably want to replicate the Chinese cultural revolution so they can make everybody who disagrees with them disappear.

  • barryjr

    The old saying is true, those that can do,those that can’t teach. If these over educated snowflakes had to enter the real world they would probably pass out from shock.

  • Chris

    The professors have absolutely no idea what violence actually is. If someone in a position of authority cannot handle any disagreement with their ideas and dogma then they do not have the intellectual honesty necessary to hold any job higher than dishwasher. This mindset is a direct result of western educations absurd insistence on the students self esteem being more important than actually learning to how to think and solve problems. The no child left behind policy is a failure of our entire society.

  • Get rid of tenure.

    Now what is “violence”?

  • Solo712

    Everyone who dares to disagree with me shall be hanged by the neck until dead!

  • vwVwwVwv

    They have to face Violence and be able, in critical condition, to think about it again.

  • vwVwwVwv

    This happens when Pothead’s known as Hippy’s become Professors.

  • irishrus

    So at a community college in Belleville a strike returning professor demands to know what his classes beliefs are and sorts them out by pro life and pro abortion
    So free speech is dead, but by God we’re going to know what your beliefs are

  • Hard Little Machine

    “Violence” is the new “racism” where you scream out the magic self proving accusation to shut down all discussion

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