New cars to be equipped with ‘complimentary’ TSA PreCheck biometric scanners

And who wouldn’t want a ‘complimentary’ government approved vehicle surveillance system, that pre-checks drivers and passengers into airports and sports arenas?

  • canminuteman

    I recently bought an EBD code scanner for my car. the new ones plug in, then you connect to them with a wifi – not bluetooth – connection, and you can do all the things mechanics have been doing for twenty years. With the phone app, I can track all the data that an automotive black box collects. It tracks the pitch and roll of the vehicles, the acceleration, the engine RPM, how much horse power is being developed etc. It’s pretty cool, but I think with the rising cost of car repairs, the insurence companies are going to want to see this data before they pay out on a claim.

    • mauser 98

      fly-by-wire cars ..generally high end Merc, Lexus etc be hijacked ,driven by remote control

  • Exile1981

    Time to keep the old beast running longer.

    • Heck, if they can do it in Cuba, we can do it here.

  • Malcolm Y

    Show us your open eyeballs plizz.