In parts of France, it is not good to be white, female or Jewish

“In France, a Jew is a white at its finest”

There is banalization of the daily anti-Semitism in the Parisian suburbs, so ordinary that it often goes unnoticed. There is the banalization of anti-Semitism through its very denial, as in the case of Sarah Halimi, the Jewish woman killed because she was Jewish but long declassified as a case of common crime. Now, a group of intellectuals say they want to “draw attention to the banalization of anti-Semitism in the universities”.

This is the appeal signed by fifty academics and intellectuals in the newspaper of the French left Le Monde. “At the University of La Rochelle, students who wanted to criticize the commodification of the world were staging a show in which the so-called Jewish relationship with money was presented as evidence. Despite protests, the university has remained apathetic,”

Houria Bouteldja’s invitation to appear at the University of Limoges on November 24 follows a similar diabolic logic.