Don’t Do This, Or Muslims Will Kill People.”

If any Israelis or Palestinians are killed after the announcement today regarding Jerusalem there is one person to blame: Donald J Trump

  • Liberal Progressive

    Because Trump is literally Hitler!

    • Editor

      “In the future, everyone will be Hitler for 15 minutes”

      Andy Warhol said that. No, really . . .

  • WalterBannon

    The religion of peace is always threatening to kill people.

    So how come can’t douches like Trudeau figure out that they are not a religion of peace? Its impossible even for him to be that stupid. Clearly he endangers the public deliberately, which is a criminal offence.

    • Justin St.Denis

      yeah, somebody should call him out on that.

    • Because votes.

  • Oracle9

    Proving once and for all: The conflict is all about Islam. It is 100% a religious war by Muslims, not about land for the so-called “Palestinians”.

    It’s only about the Islamic mandate to never relinquish territory formerly conquered by the sword of Islam.

    Any anti-Israel lefty now has to admit the truth.

    • David_Martin

      Funny that there was no world wide Muslim protest about the plight of the Palestinians when Jordan occupied East Jerusalem.

  • Editor

    The tag to the picture says it all. The more we give, in asylum,
    support, tolerance, housing, schooling, health care, welfare, the
    angrier, intolerant and violent muslims get. It will never end. Enough!

  • Hard Little Machine

    As long as they start on college campuses, I’m ok with it.

  • k1992

    muslims are moved by the mysterious will of allah and therefore have no responsibility for anything they do. Of course, the same then applies to infidels, so if Donald Trump chose to move the embassy to Jerusalem, well, actually he didn’t – allah chose it, and Trump was but his tool. Blame it on the big boy, muslims!

  • Re: the photo. Whenever I see a Muslim woman in a full hijab like that, I have to do a double-take. They look like “little Madonnas”, so pious and “holy” and innocent. And if you were to stand them side-by-side with a Catholic Nun in full habit it would be hard to tell the difference in terms of the visual effect.

    But then I have to remember, that no Catholic Nun would suddenly pull out a knife, or strap on a bomb, or strap bombs to young children, or go on a berserk killing rampage for their “religion”.

  • David_Martin

    Here’s a cute video from Honest Reporting:

  • But that’s with everything, so …