Did the DOJ Misuse the Steele Dossier — to Spy on the Trump Campaign?

Some Trump supporters are making that claim. The president can disclose warrant applications proving whether it’s true.

Will he or won’t he?

  • mauser 98

    Susan Rice Unmasking Documents to Be ‘Locked Up’ in Obama Library for Next 5 Years

    Five Clinton aides received immunity deals in FBI probe

  • andycanuck

    And National Review and NRO haven’t made up their minds yet.

  • Gary

    I’m now seeing how Bell Media and 640 am radio is has gone down hill even worse than how the CRTC controls what radio host can sat.
    I was a fan of the weekend Roy Green show but on Saturday he jumped the shark to join the Trump bashing as if he was ordered by the parent Company to comply with a negative bias towards the USA now that the House Negro is gone.
    Now that the 3 big Cable companies bough up the am radio stations and several TV channels …. they control the news and topics .

    Not too sure who got to him but about 5 weeks ago he interviewed a Muslim that was opposed to M-103 and pointed out how rude and insulting Trudeau’s Liberal MP was whom was also a muslim. Roy has told the guest that he would contact the Muslim MP and set-up an interview for both of them to find out what the definition of islamophobia is and if the MP support sharia in Canada.
    He announced that on the radio for all to hear . But nothing came about which means that Justin’s MP was a coward to use the Parliament hearing to attack him as an islamophobia along with Tarek Fatah .
    The MP is mine and has an Office on Bloor where there is a known jew-hating pro-terrorism mosque that supports sharia as well. This M-103 issue is getting out of hand because Muslims are now in a panic mode to insult those that question it and now refuse to go on the Radio to defend it.
    It looks like a ruse to have M-103 morph into the sharia blasphemy laws which opened the doors for more jihad in canada that the media will fear reporting and going to jail for ah ate-crime .
    I hope Barbara Hall is proud of her self for making islam a race of people protected by the Charter when the death-cult slaughters people and can’t be named or exposed because it’s racist .

    I did contact Rot Green over the Trump issues and Roy Moore allegation where Green insisted Moore should not be allowed in the Senate while trump is unfit as asexual predator and pig that should step down .
    I praised Green for his stance because Roy Moore was a Democrat up to 1993 which means that he was a pig just like Bill Clinton and may have taken his cues from him since Democrats got a pass as rapists. So I pointed out that Trump actually seems very forgiving to an ex-Democrat rapist while the media and Democrats want to blame Trump as guilty by association while Moore might be seen as guilty because they know the Democrat males are pigs like the Kennedy’s and Al Franken.

    It’s so odd to see Trump support a Democrat rapist that needs to be innocent until the Court deal with it while Democrats want the Republican Moore to take the blame pre-1993 as to make Trump look bad.
    Moore should just Convert to islam and this will all be gone from the Media and those Democrat plus Roy Green now joining in and doesn’t care about facts and evidence. How would Green like it if I offered $10,000.00 for any women to come forward with dirt on him so he loses him job and becomes homeless again just from an allegation.

    When Justin said he was a feminists… i thought of starting a Pool for when the first rape victim come forward to expose him as a worse pig than his dad. I’ve seen how Justin treats women in public……so don’t be shocked if his wife does drug one day and gets divorced from him because of domestic violence behind closed door from his power and status .
    I knew his type by the time i was 20 and kept away from these pigs because women judge me by who i hung around with and the Justin types
    set off alarm bells around women that know he’s a pig. I’m guessing that it might be March 2018 now that Liberals are dropping like flies as rapist pigs.

  • Jay Currie

    It is interesting that this is coming up again. It was circulating a couple of months ago but now there is a name to go with the allegation.

    Trump should start doing regular document dumps. It is completely within his power. Let’s see the FISA applications. What was in them, who signed them.

  • J. C.

    “Did the DOJ Misuse the Steele Dossier — to Spy on the Trump Campaign?”

    Of course they did!