Who’s Following Trump’s Lead on Jerusalem?

According to reports in the Israeli press, several other countries will follow President Trump’s lead and move their Israeli embassies to Jerusalem. Who is doing this and why speaks volumes about the moral condition of the world.

  • Chris

    Prime Minister Sock Puppet refuses to alienate his muslim voting base, or even scarier actually believes that Israel shouldn’t be allowed to name its own capital or be allowed to exist. Trumps moves are doing more to show the people of the world what their leaders are made of than even their political opposition and I’m really hoping that they pay close attention because this has the potential to pull the world away from the brink of war that will threaten to consume us all. Like it has been asked elsewhere what does Andrew Scheer have to say? Are you going to follow in Sock Puppets footsteps or are you going to do the right thing? The ball is in your corner.

    • Maggat

      I do have my doubts that Scheer will cast a foot in the right direction.

      • Martin B

        It’s a shame. I’m confident that if Harper was still PM then Canada would be on the list. Whatever his faults (and there were many) he saw and spoke clearly when it came to Israel.

    • Exactly.

      The Liberal Party has always been anti-semitic and this is the clincher. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e750a63f49d8353a40e59cd637347926b6869660bab6c987f716fc1a92901e55.jpg

      • Justin St.Denis

        You are correct. The LPC has always been anti-Semitic. Problem is, so are the majority of Canadians. “Multiculturalism” has ensured that particular status quo is maintained since the 1970s. Look at the country’s demographic and immigration history since PET was elected as PM. I suspect it was very deliberate. One way or another, it is one of the more shameful aspects of Canada’s profile, in my opinion.

        • Chris

          I don’t know if I would agree with you that the majority of Canadians are anti-Semitic, rather I think it is just a reflection of the fact that most people still get the vast majority of their news from the CBC which is the LPC propaganda arm. When you only get to see one side of a situation it’s all to easy to be led by the nose to a conclusion our supposed betters want us to have.

        • There is a lot that can be said about political multiculturalism but for now I will say the strains of anti-semitism were embedded earlier in the Liberal Party.

      • Maggat

        Yup, sure as hell do!

    • UCSPanther

      I’m willing to bet that he is playing coy with this…

  • Frances

    Am waiting to see the Poles and the Slovaks join that list.

  • Thermblog

    Sweden, Italy, France & UK led a group of nations that called for the UN Security Council meeting to ….. say Jerusalem was NOT the capital …. or something. It’s enough to make one give up on western civilisation.