Violence Should Not Determine Policy

Many who are opposed to President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital point to the call for violence by Hamas and the scattered violence on the West Bank as evidence that Trump was wrong. But violence should never influence US policy. The leaders of Hamas and other Palestinian groups use violence as a deliberate tactic to get their way. If policy-makers allow this tactic to deter them from doing the right thing, it will only incentivize the opponents of a peaceful resolution of the conflict to threaten and employ violence every time they do not get what they want. Violence should be responded to by police and military action, not by giving in to the unreasonable demands of those who use violence as a tactic.

  • Martin B

    Terrorists are always right and Trump is always wrong in the Social Justice Universe.

  • Liberal Progressive

    But if we don’t support them they will get even more violent and will bring their violence to where we live so we have to do as they demand.

    • k1962

      They will anyway.

      They threaten to open the gates of hell for any little slight. It’s in their DNA and culture. I think normal people just ignore them now, like a child having a temper tantrum.

      • Reader

        Recognize that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, and riot.

        Put up metal detectors leading to the Temple Mount to protect the visitors after an attack happened, (just as they do in Mecca), and riot.

        Israelis at first won’t pay for free electricity in Gaza after the Palestinian Authority refuses to pay the bills, and riot.

        If Jews don’t agree to die, and riot.

        The sun rises, and riot.

        The sun sets, an riot.

        They see any compromise on the other’s part as a weakness to be exploited, and any agreement they make as only a temporary measure they will break when they feel they can demand even more.

        • Yo Mama

          Its da muzzie way for over 13 centuries!

        • John Boy

          Is the European Union and United Nations going to double its funding of the the Palestinian Authority and Palestinian NGO’s so they can buy even more weapons of peace?

  • Clausewitz

    Seems to me that Trump is pissing off the right sort of people. Let them be pissed off so that they show themselves for who they are, then let righteous condemnation rain down upon them.

    • Reader

      And let foreign aid STOP raining down on them.

  • Yo Mama

    A day without pillaging, mayhem, stonings, arson, rape and murder is like a day without Islam.